"UltrQFire" C8 XML 13$ Ships from USA -ebay

Was browsing through ebay and ordered one of these.


At 13$ shipped from USA doesnt look too bad. mine should be here soon

got it today and I believe high is dd . compared to my KD C8 its cheaper but for 13 dollars its not bad. funny it says “UltrQFire”. If you buy one of these make sure you check it has thermal paste under the star as mien did not have anything!

Haha, ultrQfire, that’s great. Very ambiguous indeed. :slight_smile:

So high seems bright and non-threatening at least? It would suck if it fried after 5 minutes, cheap or not.

Somehow they know how to spell "HWA/WYS" and "Fire", but expecting them to correctly spell the word before "Fire" is asking for too much. :)

Nah... not typo, this is deliberately done, but somehow they think people won't notice it's similar or something? They just run out of Fire ideas and started to change just one letter from UltraFire some time ago, e.g SltraFire, UltrQFire.. see.

Do you have good batteries and a DMM to check current draw on high?


Using my craftsman dmm and using 12ga wire i get around 2.9A on high using sanyo 2600 .

That makes two awesome finds today! Cool. Thanks.

That’s a good deal even with the rather interesting name.
Most often a c8 with a xml is $18+

Over time I’ve learned to ignore the name, OK, not all of them.
As long as it’s a decent quality light / host the brand has become almost irrelevant.
I figured out a while back, that some grip tape, or a 1/4 sheet palm sander and properly applied BBQ grill paint can fix many things…

Dear Flashlight Gods, Please influence Chinese flashlight manufacturer’s to market good quality unbranded hosts & lights. While we are often amused by some of the brand names, they really aren’t very good at it… Amen…

“UltrQFire”, indeed…

Nice find indeed!

Very nice. Thank you for checking.

I have bought a few more and received them quickly . All of the ones I have received had no thermal paste. they all have smooth aluminum reflectors.

i like the sanyo 2600 batteries ..one seriously rock solid 6$ battery

I just bought 3 more and will post tail current measurements when I receive them.

With these Chinese lights what does a one letter misprint matter anyway.

You get what you pay for:

(Some of this has already been mentioned above)

- I had to disassemble all 3 of them, clean & lube, and add thermal paste behind the emitter PCB’s.

- The driver was press fit into the pill and conducted current poorly. To get a better grounding circuit, I had to solder the driver boards to the Aluminum pills (difficult since solder doesnt stick to aluminum very well) .

- Although they are aesthetically decent in finish and quality, they arent nearly as well made or as heavy as the KD C8. They heated up quickly, but the lack of aluminum material in the host for heatsinking purposes might not be an issue since…

- …they only draw around 2.70A on high mode using Panasonic NCR’s. Even less with other batteries that sill produced more amperage in other 1 x 18650 XML lights.

- Mode switching and mode memory was finicky with all 3 examples. They do work, just not consistently.

-Comparing outdoor beams to the KD C8 XML, the KD driven at 3.0A blows it away. I didnt swap reflectors to see if that might have caused the large disparity between the two, but the .3A difference didnt add up. Although the reflectors were AL with a glass lens, they didnt seem to work real well with the XML.

My advice: buy the KD C8 (or similar) for a few extra dollars and get a superior flashlight in every way… brighter spill, more intense hot spot, more range, greater heat sinking, it works great without modifications.

The cheapie C8’s have already been gifted to friends (turns them into flashaholics).