I came here cause candlepowerfrogs suck! anyways i have questions about specific flashlights, the beast ll, and lumaray FL6/FL12.

Are these for sell anywhere online? Or etc. because i been looking online for a bit and nada.

Welcome to BLF! I hope you enjoy your stay here! I don’t know about those particular flashlights, but perhaps someone else has a clue. :wink:

Welcome to BLF!
Do you have some links to those lights? I don’t know them.

Thanks! I feel at home already heha. And i will… I like the setup at BLF very much! Unlike other Flashforums, sorry not to be a critic. Yea hopefully someone might know.

I looked up Lumaray FL6 and FL12. Most of the links found were from 2005 and 2006. I don’t think you’ll find these old flashlights for sale today, except maybe as used flashlights., the web site domain, is for sale, so I don’t think Lumaray exists today.

Same can be said for The Beast II, which according to Google was a 2000 lm Surefire that cost 7 grand. Nowadays you can get 7000 lumens for $200 (or less if you build it yourself).

Welcome to BLF OP, but I think your time here would be better spent researching how great current lights can be instead of trying to hunt up decade-old products that are beyond outdated at this point. We’ll help you do it!

Welcome on BLF.
Silly question of course, but wasn’t the Lumaray a light with a lot of 5mm Nichia’s that was for sale in 2005-2006?

$7000 Beast II Flashlight Turns Night Into Day With 2000 Lumens (beast ll) (Lumaray)

I see a certain style in their looks.
Do you like zoomies?
Uniquefire 1504 / 1405

Thanks guys, eyeballfryer, and emarkd, pretty much cleared it up for me. also thanks for the welcomes really appreciated.

and yeah emark you’re totally right haha. And yes henk it was.

Surefire flashlights (especially the outdated ones) are so funny…

Instead of the “Beast”, go buy a Thorfire S70. It’s twice as bright and less than 1/100 of the price

Yeah they look nice, i like zoomies.

I know pilot dog. Honestly the MSRP for beast ll is utterly ridiculous. I wasn’t Interested in buying beast ll, just wondered what happened to it. The Lumaray looked unique so i was interested.