[Unboxing] LuminTop ZOOM1

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This should be the first Zoom flashlight from LuminTop.
Through the push-pull of the convex lens of the barrel, the poly-and floodlight zoom effect is produced.
The zoom flashlight is very convenient for everyday use.
Can adjust the spotlight and floodlight according to your own needs.
Especially in the mechanical maintenance, there is considerable convenience.

LuminTop’s consistent environmental carton packaging

ZOOM1 (There may be ZOOM2 in the future?)

Double carton packaging

Open the inner box

Intimate thank you card

Boxed all items

Use the head to push and pull, no segment zoom

The head of the tube remains in the last state of flooding

The head of the tube is pushed to the front of the spotlight

The inside of the barrel is exposed ZOOM1 when it is opened.

Look good
After the head is pressed, the height should be almost the same.

One battery attached

It should look like a protected 2600mAh lithium battery

The (bunny) standby indicator light after the battery is installed can also be easily seen in the dark.
Off after power on

Provide Micro USB charging device (Well, not using USB3.0 specification?)

Large spring with tail cap, no magnet

Hand rope hole position, support flashlight stand

The instructions are in Chinese, English and Japanese.
The main feature, LED visual should be cool white


instructions 2

Operation flow chart

Structure diagram

Specification Table

Green rabbit during standby

Tube pattern



Charging current

Bright red rabbit when charging

Charging complete bright blue rabbit

The wall is about one meter away, and the spotlight


Outdoor spotlight

About the middle



Beautiful and practical zoom flashlight ZOOM1
thanks for watching

Thanks for the review and pics.

Interesting, I had not seen this zoomie before. The short travel of the head indicates a nice short focal length lens. Is the lens AR-coated like the Jaxman Z1 ?

A promising host for White flat.

It’s a TIR lens, right?
Could you post a white wall pic of intermediate beam?

very nice. $41 @ Amazon

Thanks for the review. Very nice looking light. I don’t think it’s zoom 1. I think the 1 is a logo design to replicate a zoom type.
I wish they went with one click on and off. And hold to cycle modes instead.
And turbo to be in the mode sequence.
I’ll have to pass on this light because of the UI.

Confirmed, the name is Zoom1


Too bad.

How easy does it look to modify by replacing the emitter?

Not easy

I will continue to try


It is easy to disassemble

I will post photos……soon

From the pictures it looks like an LED Lenser style zooming TIR. However, the outer ring of the TIR appears to be frosted. So the spot beam has a lot of spill in it. Result should be a spot beam that looks like that from a Coast flashlight and not nearly as much throw as if both TIR elements were calibrated for throw.

Dang! Your photography is exquisite!

Got mine today via Amazon. Meh. Doesn’t zoom in and show the die as I expected. Kinda blurry soft hotspot.
UI is not terrible imho.

I’m going to have to swap the emitter I think. Stuck with the driver since it has the charging and eswitch.

This was an impulse buy and I’m not all that thrilled with it.

If you’ve got the itch to grab a light, make sure you know what you’re getting into with this one.

Also verified the zoom 1 name. It’s printed on the label that way.

I get min Tomm…im ok with the zoom in…but hows the zoom out? I hope its ok.

Out isn’t bad, but retains some of the squarish shape. It could stand to go a little further out and get more round.

Funny to say, but the cometa spoiled me. Although I do have a white flat and l4p driver in mine.

Took my Zoom1 apart tonight because it wasn’t all that happy the way it sits anyway.

Lumintop zoom1 teardown

Measured draw at the emitter too. Once I got the pill unscrewed from the head.
04a L
0.50a M
1.19a H
2.29a (double click turbo)

Used a UT210E directly on the emitter wire with a VTC5a installed fresh off the charger.

Might be able to drop a white flat right in.

Any updates on modding this light? Martin has a deal goin on this light now: https://m4dm4x.com/m4d-m4x-deals/

From the teardown above, looks like a driver replacement would be easy. Guess all depends on the optics and focusing.

Thank you for the review Steel. Once again, your pictures are amazing!! :+1:

Ohh, yes - thanks Steel! Excellent pics!!

I have to say that I really like what I see here:

  • 21700 cell, 40 mm head, not very long - nice format, must feel good in hand
  • e-switch
  • USB charging
  • push-pull action
  • probably - Lumintop’s good overall quality

Lumintop chose to use a partially frosted lens to smooth out the beam. Fair choice. I suppose it avoids the problems with a hole in the beam in intermediate zoom positions.

With the versatility that zoom1 offers it could easily become one of my most used lights.

There are several things that could make it better and most seem to be achievable with modding skills somewhat above mine. :wink:

  • Lumintop, if you go for beam quality - how about adding high CRI options?
  • Narsil / Andruil would be awesome
  • XHP35 HI seems like a natural choice for this light with its better efficiency, better throw and easily double Turbo output ( GXB172 :slight_smile: ).
  • Type C….Lumintop offers it in several lights already and I wonder - why not this one?
  • How about adding a powerbank function?

With these changes….that would be nearly a dream light. :slight_smile:

I dropped in a white flat. Had to sand the mcpcb a tiny bit. It was a 16mm, needed to be 15 or so to fit the cap that covers it. Super east mod other than the sanding. I used a Dremel with sanding wheel.

Kept the driver the same. Long press to off kinda sucks.

Meh, still. Hotspot, zoomed out, is still too big. Not nearly zoomed in enough to get a clear die shot. Needs another few mm of outward movement.

I got 16,314cd with the oslon. Didn’t bother with the stock emitter.

21700 will not fit out of the box, gotta buy their tube. Quality is good, just not happy with the short zoom distance.