[Unboxing] MATEMINCO MT35 Plus(Astrolux MF04) only pics

Location: Southernmost point of Taiwan

Kenting National Park

1.89 km

Target: Lighthouse

Beautiful lighthouse

Night shooting, color temperature is for reference only
The green tree in front

Can see the (white) base of the lighthouse

Two torches are equal (color temperature difference)
MT35s have a high color temperature and feel bright

MT35s moonlight (ambient light)





Comparison photo

Today’s Guanshan sunset

Thanks for the beamshots! Beautiful pictures! I like the GT neutral white tint more because you can see the details easier.

Thank you for the beamshots. I like the cooler white tint on the mt35s. I can’t wait to get one.

Thanks for the beautiful beamshots!

So, the Astrolux is at least on par with the GT (at least, comparing the two lights in these pics), so all we need to know now is…………the price.

BTW Yes, the GT has better color and detail rendering due to the led tint, but mine is very NW, even tends towards warm white.
I wonder if the latest bin cooler white would not give it more throw. (1.142.000Cd at this time, with four 30Q cells)


very nice photos

ok lets go for a field trip all and visit @steel_1024 to play with his newest toy MF04 hehe… The beam looks just as sharp and strong as the GT even tho different color temps.

Wait, could you point to the link of the Mateminco MT35 Plus?

I want to see the info :smiling_imp:

Also, wow! The much warmer tint of the BLF GT does make things much easier to see at long distances.

This is why the 4000k choice for the XHP35HI was a great one.

What measures does the MCPCB have?

wow nice pic steel_1024

thanks for that comparison

Very nice pics, thanks. Is it safe to assume the MT35 Plus will have around 30% less lumens than advertised just like the MF02?

The latest MF02 seem to be pulling 2.5A to 3A at the emitter. I guess it was recently bumped up to this. I don’t think you can get any more out of the xhp35-HI. 3A might even be too much. I think this is about 2,000 to 2,200 otf. Somewhere around there.

I would expect the MF04 to match this. It can’t be any higher and I doubt they would dial it lower.

So that’s about 27% to 33% less than 3,000 lumen. So yes, about 30% less.

If you look at the ads for the MT35 Plus, you will see they list it at 2700 lumen. That’s still exaggerated. Actual output should be about 18% to 26% less for that advertised spec.

Still, we won’t know for sure until it’s actually measured.

Nice job steel, appreciate it. :wink:

Based on the beamshots provided by steel, both gt and mf04 beam distance look identical. So i am guessing around 1mcd for the Mf04…

Hey steel boss, how soon can we order the mf04 aka mt35 Plus? Thanks.

There seems to be two stores on AliExpress that are selling them right now.

Thanks Jason. I have already sign up on the ASTROLUX MF04 CREE XHP35 HI 2000lm Thrower - Official Group Buy …

I dont want to back down… so i will just wait for the official group buy…


Moon, 10.38v, 0.01A
Mid, 11.19V, 0.12A
High, 12.59V, 0.95A
Turbo, 13.93V, 2.55A

Thanks for the measurements.

Is that with a clamp meter around the emitter wire or a DMM inline with the emitter wire?

That turbo 2.55A sounds good. Not too much excessive heat, but does hurt the run time. 2A is more practical but it makes the specifications seem like it’s not performing at it’s best. I like how the GT let’s you have both 2A and 2.5A to suit your needs. One is practical and the other is for showing off. LOL.

I wonder how much of a difference it's going to make in the real world compared to the MF02. On the fence still about the MF04 as the MF02 throws further than I can really see anyway.

Blf gt can throw 1.1 miles. Mf04 will be about the same. So you get some idea…

Between the MF04 and MF02, the latter uses a smaller reflector, so it’s hot spot is a bit bigger. This might be a bit more practical for people who don’t need the full 1 mile+ range.