[Unboxing] MATEMINCO MT35 Plus(Astrolux MF04) only pics

Thanks for watching

update 06/05 2018

Location: Southernmost point of Taiwan

Kenting National Park

1.89 km

Target: Lighthouse

Beautiful lighthouse

Night shooting, color temperature is for reference only
The green tree in front

Can see the (white) base of the lighthouse

Two torches are equal (color temperature difference)
MT35s have a high color temperature and feel bright

MT35s moonlight (ambient light)





Comparison chart

Today’s Guanshan sunset

Nice pictures, thanks for sharing

l assume the ’regular ‘ MT-35’s tube and batt carrier can be used?

Thanks steel_1024…
Nice pictures as always.
Thanks for sharing.


l already have the MT35.

Would you know how much would the head only probably cost?


Vendors provide separate “HEAD ONLY” option in China.

About US$220

You can contact “Neal” ask a good price.

$184 with coupon for all flashlight, new seller no reviews-

How is the xhp 35? High bin?

Is it easy to swap the led? Bezel came off with the strap wrench?

Yes, CREE XHP35 Hi

Looks like above 6000K….?

I will try

I have mf04 on the group buy. Estimate release date? I am ready to order. Yes.

Open is very easy.

My GT not open still……

Is it just me or does the reflector not seem very smooth?

The limit of modern technology? Or more expensive……

The same is true of BLF GT.

Thanks for posting those images. Have you compared the beamshots with the GT? How is the tint on this?

Preliminary test
Spotlight effect all very good
MF04 high color temperature
Feeling bright

I will take another detailed test
Include photos

Tnx for posting the images Steel_1024!

Good to read that this light is easy to open/modify and just look at that gigantic DTP copper board! :+1: :+1: :+1:

I like the design of the light, anxious waiting for throw measurements.


wow u take beautiful pics of flashlights!