[Unboxing] Olight S1R & S1R II

Mini 16340 flashlight Olight S1R II new listing
Just seeing S1R doing charity sale, by the way, buy it back.

The text is still simple. If you have any questions, please ask again.

All in white carton packaging

Most of the follow-up is S1R on the left and S1R II on the right.

Side, five-year warranty


Tear off the seal

Package contents

Flashlight front

Side I

Side II

On the left is the previously purchased S1 mini high CRI

Use different optical lenses

The tail caps are magnetic and the magnetic strength is exactly decreasing from right to left.

Can be firmly sucked

Three small tubes

Insulation protection gasket at the factory

Same the battery capacity, the S1R II’s battery has a stronger discharge capacity.

S1R II battery’s positive insulation protection is more prominent

Ready to do a charging test, powered by DC 5V 2A

The two USB charging cables are used interchangeably. The new charging head is round and thin.
Red light: Charging
Green light: fully charged

S1R II charging current

S1R charging current

If you use a general charger, the positive pole of the battery must be equipped with an magnet to be charged.



The center of the button switch has a power indicator
Green >60%
Yellow 10~60%
Red <10%

S1R’s tail cover

S1R II tail cover

The barrel texture, the S1R II hand feels more clear

Warrant serial number


S1R holding clip

S1R II two-way clip

All have a moonlight mode

Lumen test: (steel_ lumen) S1R
Turbo s: 991
Turbo :613
High : 304
Med :76
Low : 7
Moon:no display

Original data

Lumen test: (steel_ lumen) S1R II
Turbo : 1114
High : 678
Med : 85
Low : 12
Moon : no display

Original data:

Different lenses and different light spots

Light spot test I: sequential from left to right
S1 mini, S1R, S1R II

Light spot test II

Thanks for watching

Beautiful “small” Olight family :LOVE:
Your pictures are always amazing!! Thank you :THUMBS-UP: