unclaimed prize - REDRAW!

The winner of my 1000 post GAW didn’t work out. So it’s redraw!

Would you like me to PM him in case your not getting through?

Edit. I sent him a PM anyway.

Good idea. Thanks moose :beer:

you alwayas have to do the right thing…

here? the right thing? is obviously to send his winning gift? to ME…

i am sure i am not biasd in anyway about this… LMfAO…

(just kidding, i m sure he cant wait to open his PM mail… and will be pleasantly surprised when he does…)

I heard some are not getting notifications.

I vaguely remember hearing that but thought it was fixed.

Still no contact.

Nothing here.

unselfish and, just plain “giving” person that i am? i would graciously offer to take the prize off your hands? i mean, only if it kept it from affecting your inventory procedure, or whatnot… just trying to be helpful… lol

I believe your post was to short for a free gift. :wink:

You snooze you lose!!! Re- draw!!! :smiling_imp:

post too short for a prize?

you need an essay? geez…

In all the raffles and auctions I’ve done this has never happened.

first time i ever seen this happen too, (anyone denying a free prize win)

I have a friend named Matt G.
The possibility exists that he is BLF user “Matg” but I cannot confirm.

You could send the light to me and I will show it to my friend Matt G.
If he doesn’t know anything about it, well, I guess I would just keep it.

This is the only way I know of to help.

All I want to do is help.


Perhaps post a time frame for its claiming….

The clock is ticking down now. :wink:

Perhaps PM SB and ask if he can email matg telling him to contact you PP?

I was not in on your GAW, so I consider myself not biased. Some time ago I read in another GAW the words: my GAW, my rules. So if the current rules do not apply to the current situation: make new rules!

make a new thread putting his name in the title

Well, if it were me, this is how I’d proceed, to be fair to all parties. First, you did say in the OP of the GAW that you would draw in two to three days. So, matg should have been watching and not have missed the draw. But, in case there is some reason that matg is not getting any of your attempts at communication, you should edit the OP with a “final call” date. When that day comes, if matg still has not claimed the prize, then draw another number from the remaining eligible entries, specifying a new due date to claim the prize, just in case you need to move forward again.