underwater video light /UV light from Minos

Hi . All BLF guys .

This is Minos again . Hi-max new underwater dive light arrived this week .To promote this one , I will cost sell it in this forum(Only for Budgetlightforum members). For promotion reason this one will cost sell here,therefore. I can not display the price here. Please PM to me or email to minosyu2013@gmail.com

Here below is the main feature
Model Hi-max V11
Light source 4 x XM-L2 Led + 2 x XPE Red Led
Max Light output.2200 Lumens
Casing Material Aluminum alloy, anti-corrosive anodized
Power Source 26650 Lithium rechargeable battery
Angle of Light Beam 110 degrees
Safety Designs One piece body, Triple O-Ring sealed
Color Temperature 6500K (optional)
Available Color Red, black
Burn time 1.5 Hours I mode, 4hours II mode, 3 hours III mode, 6 hours IIII mode
Maximum Depth 100 M
Size D45mm 35mm L133mm
wight 310g in air (including battery)
Switching System magnetic rotary switch
Front Glass Tempered optical glass with diamond coating

The video of V11

Please send private message to me or email to minosyu2013@gmail.com. Thanks very much for your help

Whoah…4 XM-L and red led’s nice!

more or less a mule light, but underwater does throw really matter?

Title says UV, which normally means UltraViolet LED here.
I presume UV = underwater video, is that a common abbreviation?

I sure hope or someone has some ’splaining to do :wink:

Hi-max v11 coming with clip and ball

Nice flashlight!

Minos, you might consider correcting your signature line, 'professinal' does not sound very professional ;-)