Unique looking light...

….that I might have to get just because it looks so different than anything else I’ve ever had. I’m still a noob but the configuration looks promising- R2 emitter and a nice wide glass lens- maybe some potential for a nice throw? Well, its getting bookmarked : )

That would give some decent throw, but it's risky not knowing how well it's driven and the quality of heatsinking.
That knurling would be slippery I would imagine.

Something like the XinTD C8 from intl-outdoor would be a safer bet.

ive had my eye on that light for a while, but havent jumped on it yet.

I’m almost sold on just the novelty of its look alone. And I’m strangely allured by the simple fact that it doesn’t claim to be “1600 LUMENS” like every other light on ebay….

the specs look pretty interesting and honest, 250 lumen from an xre r2 at 1a may be pushing it but it could be a great xp-g2 mod host and is fairly cheap to boot, its definitely going on my watch list for consideration as I’ve looked at it a few times myself.

You can get it from Everbuying.com (a free shipping Hong Kong shop) for $15,75 (in black or grey). If you have Facebook and "like" everybuying you get a 8% off coupon. With this it has a price of $14,49