UniqueFire 3900 3T6 2*18650 $55.95

UniqueFire 3900 3T6 3xCree XML-T6 3800 Lumens 5 Modes Stainless steel Led Flashlight(2*18650)

Looks interesting Sky ray and Trustfire competitor

Looks like a drop-in.

Drop-in = no good. Hope it is screw-in, for the sake of the light...

That's by far the best looking 3*XM-L of the lot so far... I'm still stuck on the ugly factor of the Trustfire 3T6 and the Original Skyray. I hope this one is good. Thanks for not linking to lightmalls, they are filthy spammers who have been plaguing us here on BLF. Let's all put in a request for Manafont and/or Cnqualitygoods to offer this one.

...is the apparent compact size of the light "handle". It almost looks like 2x 18650s won't fit, but it must be an illusion. It could be the SS bezel makes it appear shorter than it is?

I've got some compact C8s with 1X 18650s, and I swear this light doesn't look much longer than those.

EDIT: Nice lanyard, BTW.

Love that SS bezel!

Geez...that's pretty nice. The price could be a little better. I like the SR 850 as well but at 68 bucks and 2 x 18650, no thanks.

That looks like it's not going to be accepting 2 x 18500 for shorty operation. But it looks like it can do 2 x 18350 (BIO IMR), for 20-25 min bursts. Sealed Pocket rocket!

I admit that i am still paying too much for the DRY despite the decent discounts as a regular. It's really the form factor for that light that does it for me. Putting 2500L into the pocket is no issue. (albeit buldging pocket). You need 3 x 18650 for 2500L in this form factor. And the new TM11 got so many issues.

Any coupons for lightmall? I'll take the risk to try. This is shelf queen material, even though the built observed from 30cm away may not be good.

The front part of the drop-in at the bezel has threads, never seen this kind before.

So worst part is, you still have some heatsinking contact to the host. (get some HS compound there).

The drop-in mass is pretty ok.... my Trustfire 3T6 is still holding up and last night i just finished another 40 min run with nothing but airflow at 33 deg C to run down my 18650 batteries for use in the DRY (extreme low mode). But the TF 3T6 has massive threads of nearly 1 inch depth and with HS compound it is pretty good.

I've sent the guy an email, lets see how's the support. :) (since the BOT have interest here)

I contacted Manafont about this light and they already located it and plan to offer it within 1 day.
So, you guys think heatsinking isnt optimal on this thing?

Will be awaiting reports!

Screw-ins are better. They conduct flashlight killing heat to the host quicker, or should, if properly designed.

I'm basing the above on experience (as in, not good) with a FryRay 3800 3X XML-T6 drop-in. The failures are documented well on this site (and others), so buyer beware with this model.

That's all I'm going to say about it, or I'll start bashing a vendor of this model as well.

I've got a copy coming from lightmalls. They do offer checking of the flashlight before sending it out, as i mentioned the potential DOAs, low output and other issues that plagued i think some 20 users here and CPF. At least they 1-1 exchange with their HK/SZ main distributor is easier than for us (ie unhappy customers).

Like the TM11 "incident", i counted 6 problem Nitecores which lightjunction shipped out and they counted a couple more in their inventory, and that's a 260 bucks light. I know it's never easy to charge a low price and still offer testing esp for "volume", but that's the way it is if you wanna do volume. (maybe when biz picks up can hire a temp staff or something).

I'll do a write-up with measurements, it should come pretty fast, seems like Singpost has expanded operations to HK (merger with 4px or something)

They have a couple of lights that are competitively priced, so it could be a good alternative to DX. Prices should be lower soon.

So far so good, emails responded fast by lightmalls. I also told them to stop their bots, so i think BLF is safe.....so far so good. :)

I like it, but unfortunatelly my SkyRay 818 wouldn't give up so I guess I'll have to pass for now.

Now also at Manafont


So, what do you guys think from the pictures at Manafont? Is that a threaded dropin? And what about the "3A" current rating? Would this be dimmer than a Trustfire 3T6?

it looks like the TR-1200 drop in, it screws into the bezel with a few threads but there is no other contact with the head, i dont think it will handle heat well.

it is a very nice looking torch but beacuse of the drop in i dont think it would handle long runs so we might be stuck with the TR-3T6 is not a new designed host or will not win any modleing contest but it does good, im not sold on the dry,s yet either...... so ill wait

My 818 was a big disappointment; arrived DOA. Fixed it, and it is underdriven and purple.

I wouldn't trust the drop-in in the original post.

If it is underdriven, then maybe it will survive.

I'm curious how this light plays out.

EDIT: The center (+) spring, and the outside (-) spring look incredibly cheap, as does the entire drop-in. If you will notice the negative spring end that contacts the flashlight body has no extra coilbound turn wound on it, for rigidity and "fit and finish".

I'm not trying to bash the light, I just calls 'em like I sees 'em.

They could have (at the least) cleaned-up the drop-in threads for the shot at MF.

She's pretty as a princess on the outside, but lift up her dress, and the soiled knickers are hard to hide.

Just sayin'...


And what about the 3A spec on this new Uniquefire? How does it compare to the Trustfire?

What is the size of the dropin on all these 3 x XML lights?