UniqueFire CREE SST-50 3 Modes 1300LM $19.74

Does anyone think this is a good buy 3 mode and 5 mode?

I want to get a SST-50 light. If this is DD then I can use my Callie's Kustoms 18650 to power them to 5Amps.

I can do that with some of my XM-L lights.

Can someone suggest a good SST-50 Light please.

Iā€™m pretty interested in this also. Focal does have a bit of a history on price mixups. Could be the right price though. I think with the XML going over as well as it has, there has to be a price reduction on the SST50s coming sometime.

is it really a SST-50 LED? any one bought this?

I have two of these Ultrafire SST-50, one as a drop in module, the other in a 501B host (for about $5 more according to the person who gave both to me at holiday time), ostensibly to upgrade over some first generation XML T6 modules.

I am quite disappointed with both, neither are nearly as bright as the XML modules I have in Solarforce hosts (I have swapped batteries and other Ultrafire hosts just to be sure.

Were these oversold or did everyone mod them or would they really run brighter with two cells? And I am a parts swapper, not a modder, so am I stuck with sub-par performance?

Has anyone experienced the Solarforce Pro 2 head upgrade, its a MC-E emitter, normally running two 1850 batteries? More throw than flood. Am I stuck with that driver or can I switch out a XML by screwing in the driver to the reflector?

Are there any other drop in hosts that I should consider as upgrades at this time?

The SST50 was released prior to the XML, and is a bit less efficient.

At lower drive levels, the SST50 is dimmer than the XML, but one can drive it to 5 amps for over 1200 lumen.

With a top-binned XML pushing out ~1000 lumens at ~3 amps, it's a far more logical choice for a handheld light operating on batteries.

An SST-50 is simply hard to justify in this type of light. You're looking at POSSIBLY gaining a 20% increase in lumens while sacrificing more than 60% in battery life. That's a very poor ratio if you ask me. You'll also want to feed to feed it quality cells, which will cost you more.

Good to know. I was getting ready to buy this.

In the never ending quest for brighter, brighter, brighter, I fell into the common trap of the 'almost free lunch...' Having seen this driver in any number of high end lights (and really coveting a SST-90 unit) I was naturally thinking I was getting a bargain. At this point the XML modules put this SST to shame, despite its richer heritage.

Opinion - SST-90 or the 5 driver XML units for sheer lumen output and usable light?

I have no experience of this particular light, so cannot comment with any authority on the subject, but I doubt that you would get 1300 lumens out of it. Maybe in a perfect world, with no losses, and a top bin LED, but in reality, probably not.

Does amuse me that you get a body boldly emblazoned with the 'CREE' logo..... installed with a Luminus SST-50!

Whats troubling, frustrating and expensive to the pocketbook to see so many of the same setups (LED and battery) that have such different outputs.

I understand if you have a different reflector depth, width or finish - example: Ultrafire and Trustfire between them have (seemingly exact setups) three dozen models that differ how? - and to us, how to pick and spend our monies somewhat wisely. Who hasn't received a Hong Kong package and had a serious case of buyers remorse?

There is a review here at BLF that I read yesterday that had quite different results (including photos) for the same LED moduler...one from one company, one from another...difference just in the drivers?

Its like betting on the ponies...crapshoot or is it fixed!