UniqueFire G10 CREE XP-E R5 6-Mode 350-Lumen White LED Flashlight with Strap (1*14500/1*AA)


And its already sold out !!!!

yea we wwere talking about that in another thread

I think this one is new though, it's a 6-mode version. Looks interesting. But typical DX incompetence with their stocking system.

6 modes , was ready to plonk down some money , and noticed it was out of stock ! Usual DX BS ... How many samples did they order ?

it was sold out within a few hours of being put up. i think ill go for the single mode anyways lol

might be a good option if i can get a forward clicky in there!


this one is an 18650 Version

In stock now!

Hmmmm, I'm tempted. But it's a tad bit ugly for my taste.

I took the plunge on a 6-mode version.

Took the plunge ! plonked me money down ! 6 modes [ 3 to many ] but hey !

Ok guys, thanks for buying one for the team. Please let us know how it is.

Yeah I bought one too lol

Me too

Modes: 6

Yeah, DX has G10 CREE XP-E R5 6-Mod flashlight on sales now

There's a silver color version of this light now, in 5-mode and single mode variations:



DX only just shipped mine , so how long for HK post ? , might be another month before it arrives

dang, i was looking forward to a review on this soon :( lol. Well, all the longer it will be until i am convinced to purchase another light i suppose.

I gots the flue , so was being pessimistic ...

Why is the silver more expensive?