Uniquefire L2 XP-G R5

Saw on DX today that Uniquefire is producing a Solarforce L2 clone, even calling it the L2! Comes in silver or black (also looks like the Ultrafire 504B) with 1 mode or 5 (no memory). The pictures of the drop-in don't indicate that it is using the DX Superbright drop-in. I have a silver 504B on the way with a XR-E R2, so I probably won't get one of these.

http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.33547 Silver 1-mode 1x18650 or 2x16340

http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.33548 Silver 5-mode 1x18650

http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.33550 Black 1-mode 1x18650 or 2x16340

http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.33549 Black 5-mode 1x18650

http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.33550, im really digging the 1 mode.......

I got one of these. Thus far pleased with it. http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.33549. Will do a review with beamshots in due course. The bodywork is identical to the 504B in every respect other than engraving. Just to prove this, here are some pics.

L2 and Ultrafire WF-504B


As you can see, both are working just fine even if the colour combination is a bit odd.

Some indoor beamshots here. http://budgetlightforum.cz.cc/node/157#comment-1043

Aren't Uniquefire and Ultrafire the same company? They both have the HWA/WYS thing in their logos.

I believe the consensus is that all the "(Whatever)fire" brands were made in various places and aren't a brand as such, hence the enormous variability in quality etc. I'd guess that the two above came out of the same machines, or at least from the same drawings. The main difference seems to be that the Uniquefire one uses Helvetica Bold rather than Helvetica for its font.

Most of my recent lights have been P60 hosts and they do seem to be better made than some I've bought in the past. I'd guess that the current stuff is extensively Surefire compatible - I have a Solarforce L2 body coming to test this hypothesis as it is known to be Surefire compatible. In fact the only recent 18650 light that is not some sort of Surefire clone has a faulty switch. It is a Raidfire Spear clone. AFAIK Raidfire is not a "whateverfire" brand. Looking at the switch assembly this would appear to be a matter of fixing the switch more securely to the board.

So hows the switch on the L2 clone......

But not as recessed as the K-106 for example. It is firm and positive - I've never had a click or half click do anything I don't want it to. A half click to change modes only needs light pressure, a firmer click is needed for on or off. As clickie switches go, it is quite loud - at least in my quiet study. Feels exactly the same as the switch on the 504B - at a guess, because it is the same switch. The light will tailstand, but it is still possible to operate the switch with the ball of your thumb. I have quite small hands though and prefer to use the top end of my thumb. Someone with a really big thumb might find it more difficult.

Because im really thinking that im in the market for a light that accepts dropin's........

AKA the Uniquefire R5. It is a bit more expensive than some at $23. Various comments about it here

The Ultrafire WF-504B is $15 for the 5 mode (Reviews here and here) and $14 for the single mode.

http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.32720 5 mode - maximum voltage 4.2V, i.e.,18650 only. It is brighter with 2 xRCR but only briefly.

http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.32721 Single mode 3.2-9V so 2x RCr or 18650. $22

This is the nicest of the P60 hosts I have. It is actually airtight, let alone watertight when screwed together and would probably survive quite a bit of drowning. The dropin that comes with it isn't bad and it will (just) tailstand. Unfortunately no P60 light can be used as a candle but it works pretty well in here as a light when bouncing it off the ceiling.

The Solarforces have a big following on CPF - I have a Solarforce L2M body in the post just now from Hong Kong. This may, or may not revise my opinion. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Solarforce-L2M-SD-Flashlight-body-4-Surefire-3P-6P-9P_W0QQitemZ270490322739QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_Flashlights?hash=item3efa7ac733#ht_2772wt_941 $18 or thereabouts including postage but this is for the body only.

Al of the ones with dropins in them I can recommend as giving plenty of light - the R2 in the 504B throws well, the R4 in the Seraph clone gives a lot of light and has respectable throw and a lot more spill - and 70% or thereabouts more total output.

Will do a comparison of various P60 host bodies at some point. Problem is my camera stinks at close-up stuff so will have to beg/steal/borrow a better camera first and throw some serious light on the matter. Pity I don't have one of the old Colortron light systems I used to sell in the 80's but they did need 3 phase power which is not a normal thing to have in a house in the UK. They also consumed several kilowatts. And when they got old they tended to turn their casings live. 440V AC is bad for you.

So will the stock pill in the Seraph clone do well for me......it will be mainly used as an 18650 light anyway.

It is a decent compromise between flood and throw and gives a lot of light. I'm in the process of doing a small piece on P60 dropins.

Okay cool, looking forward to it.

Found a holster that works with this. And all my other P60 lights. Pity it is in camo finish but a few minutes with a black Sharpie marker will sort that out.


This guy has a bigger head than most so fits best head up but all the others are quite happy head up or head down.

Oops! - put this in the wrong place I thought I'd posted this in the Uniquefire R5 (The Seraph clone) thread. It does have a bigger head than most, the L2 doesn't.

I've just ordered one of these holsters for each of my P60 lights.

The large variant (29356) will hold a P60 light but is aimed at something with a very wide body and not too large a head - the Ultrafire C2 body which gets used for quite a lot of lights doesn't fit as the head is too big.

With the Seraph clone head down

Head up

With a Solarfore L2 with forward clicky and flat SS bezel. I don't think the spiky bezel would be good for the holster. Also tried it with a Solarforce lanyard ring and it did fit, just a pain getting it out till the elastic loosens off

Really not sure what sort of light it is aimed at - see if anyone on DX has found a light that actually fits in it. Nope!

It sorta, kinda holds a P60 light but is clearly aimed at something of that sort of length with a fat body. But not a large head.

It wan't take an Aurora AK-P7 (Ultrafire C2 body and head). The flap won't make it over the head.

Nor will it close on the Piritlight SG-L8 (Raidfire Spear clone with an MC-E in it). Again the flap won't make it over the head though it is nearly long enough. Nor will it quite fit in head down - this one isn't elasticated.

It will hold an Ultraifre WF-504B with room to pack your lunch in as well. Head up it rattles around in there, head down it stays put.

Well there was talk on the other side about the SF and UF light coming from the same factory.....If i could find one without the camo then im in for one. Would be nice to take the clip off my L2M and keep it holstered.

Five minutes with a Sharpie colouring it in while I was on the phone

I may invest in some black dye and dye them properly (I have 6 more of these coming for my P60 lights) but this will do for just now. Colouring in is quite fun really. Like you Al, I'm not fond of camo finish ever since I tried to shower off cam cream in a cold shower in Germany. Felt really sorry for whoever in the Mess ended up washing the sheets and pillowcase.

I might have to order one and buy a box of Rit-Dye and see if that works.

At less than $2 a time, what have you got to lose - I've also ordered 6 more of the AA ones which are only $1.49 a go.

I have a rather large piece of unfinished leather (but it is quite thin). May try to make some holsters for the more oddball sizes but my previous attempts weren't very successful. At the worst all I need is a belt loop and some sort of ring to hold the light.