Uniquefire S10

http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.30987 It is actually brighter than the Ultrafire C3 Q5 stainless steel http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.26122. Here are the numbers. They surprised me.
Throw in lux at 1 metre
Uniquefire S10
Alkaline 2570
NiMH 2960
14500 5650
Ultrafire C3 Q5 SS High
Alkaline 2750
NiMH 2440
14500 5060
Ultrafire C3 Q5 SS Medium
Alkaline 1160
NiMH 1140
14500 2310
Ultrafire C3 Q5 SS Low
Alkaline 185
NiMH 175
14500 525
Utrafire C3 P4 Aluminium
14500 5560
Uniquefire S10
Alkaline 609
NiMH 714
14500 1175
Ultrafire C3 Q5 SS High
Alkaline 747
NiMH 828
14500 1458
Ultrafire C3 Q5 SS Medium
Alkaline 305
NiMH 327
14500 642
Ultrafire C3 Q5 SS Low
Alkaline 58
NiMH 52
14500 148
Utrafire C3 P4 Aluminium
14500 1905

It might be due to its emitter......if you would like a little more throw then you can smooth out the reflector of the C3.

Nice pictures on Don's other post about the Uniquefire S10 here: http://www.jayki.com/6843

I'd like to see this light standing next to an Akoray K-106. The Uniquefire looks rather stocky to me, and I don't like the pointy bezel, but aside from that it looks really nice. I'd probably go for the multimode version.

They are almost exactly the same size. If one ground off the silly teeth (My bench grinder is broken) they'd be exactly the same length. The tailcap diameter is identical, the Uniquefire is maybe 3mm longer. In the picture below it is not obvious that the Uniquefire is actually the longer of the two. Now to figure out how to insert images.

And with an Ultrafire C3 as well.

Beautiful pictures, thanks! I reduced the size a little bit for you.

I'm still partial to the shape and knurling of the K-106, it feels very expensive to me.

Crenellations are useful when testing current - you can see what mode you are in. I think I will leave about 0.5mm so that you can see if the light is on or not when nose down. Come on Photobucket! Uploading is at snail pace this morning, it was fine last night.

A bit more filing to go, but getting there.

http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.29354. Pity it is a camouflage finish, but a spot of black dye, or just good old dirt will soon sort that out. All of my single cell AA lights except the Trustfire F22 stainless steel (which is huge) fit in it as do just about all the single cell CR123 lights I have lying around (Except the ones with bigger reflectors). The uniquefire above fits nicely too - it is almost exactly the same size as the Akoray K-106 after the teeth get filed off. Here's a picture, the left-hand one has an Ultrafire C3 and the right-hand one an Akoray K-106.

The holsters look well made.

The postman brought them this morning.

I can also do without the camo.....get a pack of Rit Dye and turn that sucker black........

Or just wait and let dirt do it. Certainly they aren't staying in camo. Turns out a Sharpie marker works fine. Black now.

If you like this one and can live with single Mode, try this one: https://www.fasttech.com/product/1057402 , it is brighter and throws further while still having the same Flood. It is my EDC, only drawback is that being on high all the time the Battery will run down quicker than the UF used with lower Modes.