UniqueFire S7 - 7x XM-L - US only

(Retracting offer due to lack of interest. If anyone is interested in this light, contact me via PM to see if the light is still available.)

UniqueFire S7 - 2/3 26650/18650 flashlight with 7x XM-L (stated to be U2 bin) emitters..


This light has seen very limited use and is in very good condition. It is a very large and bright light that puts out a wall of light. This light can run from either two or three cells using the included extension tube. With freshly charged 26650s @ 4.1V, this light is driven @ 1.6A on high (~20W). The adaptors for using 18650 cells are included as well. Will sell for $70/shipped in the US only.

If needed, I can include 3x TrustFire 4000mAh 26650 for an additional $30. These are genuine Trustfire cells as ordered from Manafont. They have the holographic wrapper and the holographic sticker was included on the shrink wrap when purchased. They are only about three months old and have only been used as a set in the S7 I am selling.


For an additional $10, I can include a TrustFire TR-006 charger with this flashlight. The charger was purchased at the same time as the cells and is in good condition.


(all prices are with shipping included)

UniqueFire S7 alone - $70

UniqueFire S7 with cells - $100

UniqeFire S7 with cells and charger - $110

First "I'll take it" followed up via PM with details/payment gets it...

is this light the same as Trustfire TR-J18?

As near as I can tell... Externally, it looks the same. I don't know if the driver is the same but dimensions and design are identical.

I'm going to bump this to the top once... I guess there's just not that much interest in this light now. No last-minute Christmas shoppers here who want one delivered in less than a week?? :party:

I've chosen to retract this offer due to the lack of interest, and will be trying to sell it via other routes. If anyone is interested in this light, contact me via PM to see if this light is still available.

Hi Keltex, I think your price is just to high. All that you’re selling can be had at Manafont for under $98.00 including shipping. I’d say if you came down a good amount, you’d likely get some bites on this for someone that would like to upgrade it with the KD driver.