UniqueFire UF-V4 Headlamp is Broken ( FYI )

I broke mine thus weekend . The battery tube was held in by the clip screws, when I unscrewed them the light fell apart. The wires between the head and the battery tube separated from the circuit and I have no idea where they connected. There was no seal between the tube and the head so no way was it ever waterproof.

Ouch, can you post some pictures as to how its built?

So if I want to remove the clip for headband usage I have to be very careful not to destroy the light? Would it be save to remove 1 screw at a time? Pics would nice indeed.

I can try and get pics later. If you remove the clip put the screws back in to hold the battery tube in place. The battery tube does not screw into the head.It just slides in and the two screws hold the head on to it.

Do not twist the battery tube there are wires that go from the circuit in the top of the battery tube, make a right angle and connect to the LED assembly. They are not very long.

Once it is light again I'll dig out my dead one and get some pictures. I can probably capture the detail of the circuit board so you may be able to reattach the wires.

I got one of these on the way because I have a 10$ dd gift card..i'll know not to fiddle with it and use only aa batteries after all the failures on here from messing with it lol..will make an excellent belt light for hands free note writing etc..


Somehow Im glad I didnt order one, even tho its cheap and I have DD gift card, Id rather get another UF-H2 then, IF the one I ordered arrives ofcourse and lives up to its decent reputation :)

Ill order it.
It seems that is good light, good beam pattern, good built quality at least from the outside, I just regret doubthul water-proofness.

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pics please i just bought one of these, so your advice dont play around with it ? leave as it is ?

Nothing budget about $10 light that falls apart…

i didnt dare touch the screws but i had a play with it today it arrived in the mail, it seems like a decent quality gift light for someone who is a mechanic or something. the right angle and pocket clip i feel is very useful and beam pattern is great good light for good price if u dont mess around with taking it all apart like us curios creatures on blf do :slight_smile:

well certainly not a reliable torch it looks feels good, i’ve gone through 6 aa akaline batteries already and only had it couple of days, there are signs of calcium deposits on the spring. the spring seems to be giving too much tension i was thinking it might dislocate to the side wall and cause a short circuit interms makes the battery bleeding white blood!!. biken could u confirm this is same issue you have mate ? i might have to take it all apart and see where the short is, also have my doubts about the xp-g lamp thats inside it too :frowning:

I had no problems with mine, I was just twisting the battery tube trying to tighten it. Then i realized too late that it wasn’t screwed in just pushed it. All of that twisting caused tension on the wires causing them to pull away and dislocate from the driver.

I broke mine too. Don’t mess with it. (lucky I bought two)