UniUni shippers absolutely suck ....

Placed an order for 4 lights from China. Shipper used UniUni for last mile delivery. Shipment arrived in the US promptly, cleared customs, arrived in my city …

and then said “out for delivery” for 5 days now

  • contact page … useless. No response from customer service (past the 3 days terms)
  • phone number … infinite loop … no way to talk to a human

trustpilot review: they suuuuck
BBB rating: they suuuuck

Do yourself a favor and pay a few extra buck for better shipping (DHL, etc) if available.

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Thanks for the heads up!
I had never heard of UniUni before. :thinking:

They wait to fill up a truck/van to make it “worth their while” before going out to deliver it all.

The one that would usually do last-mile delivery (that wasn’t amazon/walmart) would usually deliver same-day as when marked OFD, but there was one time (and only once) that it was OFD and to expect it by 20:00, but it never showed. like 07:00 the next morning, boom, ready and waiting on my doorstep. Only because I heard someone tossing something then the telltale beeping marking it as delivered, did I go look and see it lying on the front steps.

On that case, I’m guessing it was one of the last on the driver’s run, so quitting time came and he went back, so what was left got delivered first thing the next morning.

Forgot the name, something like Halford or Halfrek or similar.

Yeah, okay, one’s a singer and the other’s a vengeance demon, but it still was something similar.

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Similar situation with PiggyShip. Stories of them taking a picture for proof of delivery but snapping a picture from the freeway instead of in front of the destination.

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This is the first I’ve heard of UniUni or PiggyShip. I hope I never have any of my shipments transferred to them!

I haven’t heard of them either until the other day. I order a lot from China to US (Convoy via AE, Hank, Acebeam etc). The origin shippers (YunExpress, etc) almost always used USPS for last mile shipping (in my cases anyhow).

For example, YunExpress (the origin shipper) may use USPS for my last mile shipments, but not always. A recent Fireflies order (unrelated to this) was YunExpress + UniUni for last mile.

USPS has had their own self-inflicted issues lately, but my parcels arriving in LAX have been delivered to Phoenix in about one week.

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They also seem to use gig-workers to keep costs down. Amazon does something similar with contractors - I haven’t had any issues but we’ve all read about drivers almost running people over to meet a quota. I tend to be inherently skeptical of companies that try to cut costs by taking advantage of gig workers vs employees with benefits. Recent regulations reclassifying gig workers as actual employees threaten the whole business model, so I guess they will find other ways to cut costs … like not providing customer service(1) or flow-rate limiting and batching in vans as you mention.

(1) : calling the phone contact page put me in infinite queue, system would report “expected wait time: 15, 8, 5, 15, 8, 5 … over and over” and contact through support page did not result in any response at all.

This is a problem with USPS shipping partners in USA. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Seller.

The Seller’s shipment arrived in USA promptly, they have no choice nor control over USPS shipping partners.

Once the package arrives in USA, any mail delivery issues are purely USPS mail delivery problems.

China shipping is still a mixed bag. I’ve had good luck with it since the end of the pandemic, but i agree it gets wonky. Nitecore recently fulfilled an order with UniUni shipping (Temu?)…same with Speras. Parcels came to Seatac first then to portland. Usually its LAX to Phoenix, then Portland. I guess it’s whoever gives the best deal!

The problem is not caused by China shipping.

Once the package clears USA Customs, the China shipper is not in control of how USA mail is sorted, routed, and delivered.

Chinese companies do not have any control over the delivery of packages within the USA.

It is a USA Postal Service problem. USPS uses “Shipping Partners” that operate in USA. The Shipping Partners are not Chinese companies.

While people certainly have complaints about partners like Pitney Bowes (aka Newgistics), not seeing how the USPS is related to the OP’s issue.

Have yet to deal with UniUni, a Canadian startup, in any fashion, but if they’re tasked with the last mile delivery, it’s on them, not the USPS.

And even when they are involved, nothing they can do if the intermediate shipper lags in getting the package to them, or the local post office (a common complaint).

My most consistent experiences have come from Yanwen/Newgistics/USPS, the preferred method used by our Jinba friends.

But it’s YMMV with, and for everyone, and I recall they had some shipping troubles early in their direct selling days before settling upon this method.

Had one PiggyShip delivery, which prompted some concern after looking into them, but it turned out fine, as did an SF Express shipment.

And “Lorne” was the singing demon.

Not to brag (totally to brag), but my D3AA arrived at my local post office today. I was under the impression that there would be some delay due to back-ordering, but it’s looking like it will arrive on the 15th day!

Now if only I’d gotten around to ordering some 14500 cells for it… :headstone:

Ah, Hallify is the last-mile shipper I used to get on occasion. Just goggled it…

Speaking of terrible shipping, I’m never going to purchase UPS Mail Innovations if I have another option. Tracking is as good as useless.

Here ya go, Halford singing Delivering the Goods;

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Wow. A new AX delivery record on my last order.

Placed an order for some Choice items from a single seller on the 21st.

PiggyShip delivered them today, a Sunday.

I received a package today from… UniUni!
It came from Southern California, which is where I live, so it didn’t have to go far.
The package was received in a timely manner, so I guess I lucked out. :game_die: