Universal charger

Anyone know of any chargers That will charge a 3v CR123 and also be able to charge 3.7v 14500s and 18650s. If it would charge AA NiMh that would be a plus.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Dave

I have an UltraFire WF-139 charger than does it all and I really like it. The one problem you may have is it only charges 3.7v Li-Ions:


It charges all 3.7v batteries in just about every common size. Charges one or two at a time, each on their own circuit with auto shutoff at 4.2v. You can charge a 18650 and a 14500 at the same time or whatever combo you like. The 123/16340 slots are not wired up but it is a simple soldering job to tie the contacts in with the other circuits by a making a few connections on the circuit board. It is very simple to do and is a common mod with this charger. You could also just leave it as is and use spacers for RCR123/16340 batts. I enabled the slots on mine because I can't leave well enough alone and that's just how I roll. LOL! I HIGHLY recommend you get it.

To enable the rcr123 slots just pop off the back and do the following:


This one http://www.dealextreme.com/p/ultrafire-wf-188-rapid-charger-for-3-2v-3-7v-lithium-batteries-100-240v-44091 might be close to your needs.

Does anyone know what chemistry the "3v" lithium rechargables are?

The WF-188 has so far been very reliable at charging my LiFeP04 18650's but obviously their nominal voltage is 3.2v.

I just wonder if the 3v batteries are really 3.2v...