Unlimited Storage on Photobucket

Just got this from photobucket... is that something special? (See below)

Who has a spam email adress and wants to create a PB account, pls PM me, I wanna win that Ipad 2. ;-) I never win anything, not even on BLF....sniff. :-(

Announcing Unlimited* Storage for your free account!

You're a Photobucket fanatic, and we'd like to thank you. You can now upload ALL your photos and up to 500 videos!

Tell your friends the good news and you could win a new iPad 2!

It's easy to enter: just post to your Facebook wall, Tweet or email your friends the news.

*Photobucket reserves the right to limit excessive use and the unlimited storage offer pertains to non-commercial use only.

Thanks for the heads up!

My opinion about photobucket is not good as I see "photobucket advertisements" all the time in the form of "this image has been removed"... So I don't trust them with my pictures, at least those I want to be still available after a year.

They will do this if you go over your ten gigs a month bandwidth - I've used 21 gigs in three weeks - a bit over a year ago I gave them a fairly small amount of money for two years' worth of unlimited storage and bandwidth. It's $2.99 a month, $25 for one year or $40 for two years. For me it has been well worth the $40 which runs out next April. I didn't ever come close to 10 gigs a month until around a year ago. If you want to put up high-resolution pictures (which can cause problems for some users) you can eat a lot of bandwidth real fast. I upload all my pictures at 1600x1200. If people move their images, you'll get the "removed" thing - which is why I try to remember to set up the directories before i upload. I don't always remember but I can't move them once I've published a link to them.

I've found ImageShack to be rather less reliable though I do like its clickable thumbnails.

For a free account you get.. (This is copied and pasted from Photobucket's help)

Free accounts include:

  • Unlimited* storage for photos.
  • Up to 500 videos permitted with up to 10 minutes in length per video.
  • Maximum display size of photos is 2048x1536 pixels each.
  • Maximum file size permitted is 5MB per photo and 500MB per video.

*Photobucket reserves the right to limit excessive use and the unlimited storage offer pertains to non-commercial use only.

I've been on photobucket for years, never any issues. The reason you see that "Image Removed" is that either someone with a free account used excessive bandwidth, or they moved that image to a different folder so the link no longer works.