Unprotected/protected Trustfire Flames from Dinodirect.com

My bad , not true, I ordered unprotected, appologies.

They had precisely the same price...

Let me show you where to buy these at the cheapest place I know.

Click this link.


Type 10%eBay2011 to save an extra 10% off that price.

So you can get 2 for $8.53 shipped.

So if it's not true, you have started a fake thread?

You should have edited the thread's name.

Haha, you made same mistake I did :D

Got pair of unprotected for $7.


Unprotected ones give higher current.


Not protected


Can anyone confirm the Trust flames bought at buyincoins are 2400mah or greater?

Currently buying from DE, but wanna stock up on a a few with discount coupon, thanks

Well let me say that I like mine that I bought from him. They seem to work great. I don't have the equipment to check capacity. I just know he sells some great Trustfire Flames that are wrapped and are new.

I don't remember. If I had to say yes or no to that question, I would say no.

Now I am talking about the clear plastic wrapping that they came shipped in, and not the actual Trustfire battery shinkwrap.

But yes the actual shrinkwrap casing looked to be 100% authentic.


I'm not too concerned about protect or unprotect since the unit that these batteries are for already has in built protection.

Would it be best to keep buying from DX or go with Manafront or dino direct?

I am mainly concerned about true capacity.


I got over 20 good ones from DX and I have never heard of anyone getting fakes from DX either. I would stick with DX pay a buck or 2 extra and know you are getting the real thing. These things are no joke if they blow up.

Mine turned out to be unprotected. DD gave me a voucher and told me to keep the batteries which is fair enough. It would be nice to have what I ordered but we all make mistakes.

Anyway...as they are unprotected do I need to take special care? What should I do differently compared to the protected type?

I get a little OCD with my unprotected batteries.

I always check the voltage every time they come off the charger and before I put them on the charger.

When they are charging I occasionally touch them to make sure they are not getting hot.

If I am using them in a light that takes 2 batteries I make sure they are charging and discharging at the same rate.

I only use them in lights that have low voltage protection like a Nanjg driver that flashes when the voltage drops below 3 volts.

I generally just do the checks that should be done to any Lion battery but more often than less.