Unusual Olight S20-L2 Baton

Hey a Crapolla is every bit as good as a Lamborghini….eee forget about it :bigsmile:

okay……with all that aside, I am still curious about the differences in olight products. I recently dropped my s10 and it stopped working. So while I’m planning on modding it, I’d like to know about future products/ quality before I think about replacing it. Was thinking of going with the s20, so therein lies my quest for answers REGARDING FLASHLIGHTS!

Even just seeing/ hearing the differences with switch quality and material changes there, i’ve become a little weary of what to look for!

Thanks all!

ha ha oh yeah, @lionheart_2281, post #9 was priceless :slight_smile:

Your S20-L2 matches with our current inventory we received from Olight within the last 2 months.

Thank you for clearing that up CalvinIS

Thanks for everyone with constructive answers cough Tumbleweed48 cough :slight_smile:

I got a reply from Olight:

“Hi Alex,

Thanks for your feedback about our products. I’m Linda from Olight customer service.
The orange peel refector are used on the old S20 Baton. And now there is no orange peel reflecor;
Now the new S20-L2 Baton all used the smooth reflector, the serial number is on the side of the tube,under the model number and the serial itself is started with a “E”, “E”represent the goods produced in 2014.

If any other questions, please kindly let us know. Thanks.

Best regards

Too bad, I was thinking maybe getting one from them if they had the older orange peel model. Oh well, this will be good enough.

I’m the opposite - I prefer orange peel to smooth out the hotspot artifacts, and I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I new it had smooth reflector. I also dislike the clip for the stated reasons. And the difference between moon and low is too small, IMHO.

After thinking about it more, I’ve realized that I probably overstated my preference for smooth reflectors. I do like the look of them better, but as far as light output goes, it wouldn’t make much difference to me in this light. The beam is pretty wide anyway, so the extra smoothing wouldn’t hurt it. You’re also right about the difference from Moon to Low. It is too small of a gap. Personally, I’d keep Moon where it is, move Low up about 10 to 20 lumens higher. Or even, split the difference between Low and Med, maybe hit around 50 to 60 lumens, and do away with one of those modes. So, Moon (0.5 lm), Low (55 lm?), High (550 lm) or something like that. As it is, I have not found a use for Low.

I think the mode spacing on this light is the best I have seen, also moon-low difference is perfect to me. And I have the same mixed feeling about the smooth reflector, it causes some (first world ;-) ) artifacts, a very slight OP would be a bit better. The light colour in my unit is a bit too green to my taste.

As a side note: I think some of you guys are too harsh on the comments of Tumbleweed. This is a flashlight forum and as such one should discuss a less than perfect anodisation job, and I agree that aiming for a better world (as important as it is) is more something to do outside this forum (unimportant things are just as important as important things!). But on the other hand, BLF is famous for off-topic discussion and that is one of the things I appreciate a lot here. So a discussion like his every now and then (as long as it is not clearly political, which violates the forum rules) is something perhaps to comment on, but IMO does not deserve the quite brute responses that I read in this thread.

Perfect! I agree

If it was a spin-off in “Off-topic Chatter”, I’d have to agree, but hijacking my thread, well, not so much. :wink:

That's the beauty of BLF. We can hijack any thread and go freely off-topic. :)

Back on-topic: Have you considered stippling the reflector?

I agree, but ranting on the OP like that was uncalled for

However Dilbert is always welcome :slight_smile:

I love the Dilbert comics, I had the Daily Dilbert app on my phone for quite some time :-)

Wait, does Dilbert carry an Olight S20? :~

not yet, but you could submit that suggestion, Scott Adams does accept them and incorporates some into future comic strips

Mine came with smooth reflector and serial # on the head. From ebay. Also had a china sticker on the box. I’ve seen US stickers in reviews.

No, it’s not a budget light for me and I’m afraid it would be too hard to disassemble without destroying something with level 0 modding skills. :wink:

Wow, another version, nice. Mine came without any sticker, while previous 4 Olights had CN stickers.
I hate it when there’s a million different revisions of something and you’re buying a cat in the bag…

Back off topic, several flashlight related Dilbert strips

My S20 (from eBay) 100% same as one in the first post. Only the number is different :slight_smile:

Huh, I wasn’t expecting a save-the-world rant when I clicked this thread.

I agree that we should each do what we can to make the world a better place. But during our down time, lights are a great hobby… and far less wasteful than many other things we could be doing. And though contributing on BLF may not be as awesome as curing cancer, many people here have put in significant time and effort to touch and improve a lot of lives.

As for the S20, it’s good to know the latest models are changed in ways I don’t really care for (smooth reflector). I’m glad I got an older S10 instead of a newer one… especially after replacing the nasty green lens it came with.

It looks like the old version of Olight S20 with OP reflector is available on sale (limited time) on Meritline.com with coupon code.

See this post.