Up all night, seems like a fit

Hi All,

Just checking in on ANOTHER HOBBY FORUM, because I don’t have enough interests that I need to delve deeper into. :slight_smile:

I work nights at the hospital and have very young children, so I have nightshift a lot at work and home. I find myself becoming more and more dissatisfied with the usual light emission tools at my current disposal, and already run up dozens of deliveries a month on aliexpress, so this seemed a good fit.

My other interests include: Tenkara/keiryu fly fishing, fly tying, and picking apart all running water in New Mexico. Grow bag gardening of vegetables. The Handlebar moustache. My dachshund with whom I do 2-3 “perimeter checks” per night, and walk nightly to check mail, and sniff and pee on everything.

I guess I never really knew how important it was to see until I saw the cool lights I can get for cheap (we all know where this is headed).

Anyways, Hello!


Avoid aliexpress!


Welcome to the forum Woknblues. There is no turning back now :wink:

Welcome here, Woknblues!

Luckily this flashlight thing is not time-consuming at all, I'm sure it will not interfere with your other activities.

Have had good experiences with aliexpress, but I see others haven’t. I’m open to new things, as long as they involve fly fishing and pocket knives.

Thanks for joining the gang, Woknblues!

Welcome to BLF Woknblues! :party:

While it may be hard to tell from his bald faced lie above, djozz is one of the guys to pay attention to on the forum. He’s going to be one of the main reasons his statement is a lie, he just posts too much useful information. :bigsmile:

Welcome to the community.

Welcome…this hobby may seem like it’s inexpensive…but once you get rolling….boy howdy!!!

Welcome to the Light side……

Welcome to the forum, there’s plenty to read and learn about with some pretty nice people.

Welcome to BLF

I see hospital works I see Nichia LEDs


oh and welcome

Because there will be no other activities…. Welcome!

Welcome to the sight. Don’t get addicted. HAH! ya right! As they said It’s not just the good deals and interesting lights. It’s the people too! Have fun and ask questions!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.

I have posted my newbie question here, please feel free to check it out.