Update - $29.95 from GB, on the Ultrafire 1226 - GOLD COLOR ONLY


interested for certain.

Does this light use a battery carrier? I’m guessing no.

No, it’s just like an SRK battery section, or very close to it.

Thanks OL. Can you link me to a 2s2p conversion for this kind of battery setup? I’m drawing a blank right now.

Well, here's one way. I do believe I also did it with an SRK clone, but I would have to do some more searching.


I think that is another way, but since I am at work and can't see the photos, I might have linked to something totally different.



The first link is the one I wanted to see. I think I’ve seen you do that on another build as well. Thanks.

netprince wrote:

I’m curious how the handle feels? Is it well balanced? If you are holding the light by the handle, does it feel front heavy?

I would describe it as slightly front heavy. Not a strain to hold, but not balanced. Fine for casual to medium length walks. On a long hike, it would probably get on your nerves.

Isn’t this the same light but black and cheaper

An MT-G2 light for $30? Is this correct? or its the light to be used as host only?

Yes. Interested.

The light would come as XM-L2. It would need modding to be MT-G2. It could be done fairly easily, with an Ohspark 7135 driver with xener mod or a FET DD, made the right diameter to fit in the light. With a copper insert in the pill and with a 26mm Maxtoch star. I would do a video of the mod and mod options. The driver gurus could do the Oshpark board easily, as it's just a matter of size, using already known components.

This light and the other one I am waiting on info for, are just less expensive hosts for people who want to do an MT-G2 mod themselves rather than buy a light already done. It's just a thought, if there is enough interest. Or they could just keep the light stock, or mod a higher powered driver in for the XM-L2.

Between this one and the Dipper 19, people could choose between body styles.

I see OL. I have zero tools to perform modding and thus have untested modding skills :slight_smile: Until I get some proper tools, I won’t be able to try myself at modding. So I guess I’ll be passing the offer. Thanks for the answer though!

nice light , prefer it black thow ,i hope it has mass pill for the heat.

Definite interest depending on the level of complexity in modding for the MT-G2.

Looking forward to your updates.

Reread that mod thread you linked to OL and was blown away once more at how you recreated the housing shape in JB Weld as well as all of the interior mods. I know there is a special place in your heart for Mag mods but I’d be interested in how this stacks up in terms of balance and beam.

I believe the black one is different. Shorter reflector, but I can’t be sure. Looks like the head is shorter. Still waiting for replies, just like with the other light. Takes a while for these guys to get together over there and get any results.

The head is definitely shorter.
The black one has no knurled part.

I don’t know… This would be awesome for the MT-G2 if it had a side switch or at least a better accessible switch.

If this thing happens, I would try to make the mod as easy as possible. I know many people don't have a lot of tools, so I will look at it from that standpoint and see what can be done simply, without having a lot of tools. Ultimately, it is a mod based change and that's kind of what I do. I figure some of the other guys show the simple led/star/driver changes and there's plenty of those, so I look at it as how much can you get out of it and still have a fairly decent budget on a master blaster light.