Update - $29.95 from GB, on the Ultrafire 1226 - GOLD COLOR ONLY

Reread that mod thread you linked to OL and was blown away once more at how you recreated the housing shape in JB Weld as well as all of the interior mods. I know there is a special place in your heart for Mag mods but I’d be interested in how this stacks up in terms of balance and beam.

I believe the black one is different. Shorter reflector, but I can’t be sure. Looks like the head is shorter. Still waiting for replies, just like with the other light. Takes a while for these guys to get together over there and get any results.

The head is definitely shorter.
The black one has no knurled part.

I don’t know… This would be awesome for the MT-G2 if it had a side switch or at least a better accessible switch.

If this thing happens, I would try to make the mod as easy as possible. I know many people don't have a lot of tools, so I will look at it from that standpoint and see what can be done simply, without having a lot of tools. Ultimately, it is a mod based change and that's kind of what I do. I figure some of the other guys show the simple led/star/driver changes and there's plenty of those, so I look at it as how much can you get out of it and still have a fairly decent budget on a master blaster light.

i am in for a group buy, thanks O-L interesting light.

Possibly interested.


Interested, it would be a great MT-G2 host.


I’m interested. I hope we can get enough people to get on board so the price might get lower.


I do not Need or Want a MT-G2, but I can use another XM-L2 Thrower. Grey would be nice. I have the Black one in Post #13 and it has a Shorter Ref.

Any news on the group buy?

No Group Buy at this time. GB can't get it cheap enough to discount the price any more. I think it's too high as is, so I'm dropping the idea.

Thanks for the update.

Will wait out for a different host.

$29.95. It's not really a group but price, but it's the best I can do. This is for Black or the Golden.

Ultrafire 1226

Right now, it only shows Golden on the website, so if you order before they correct that, you need to send an email to May@gearbest.com and tell her your Gearbest account name, (the email account you use to log into Gearbest), so she can make sure you get Black.

ALSO, when you check out, if you use "Proceed to Checkout", at the bottom of the Cart page, instead of Checkout with PayPal, you get a summary of the order and there is a place where you can put in comments or instructions. That is where you need to put in "I WANT BLACK". Right at the moment, till they change their website, to show black, it's the best way to get one. If you do not follow the instructions, you will get a gold one.

Coupon UF1226CM

I ordered one. The wife is going to love me when the credit card bill comes. :open_mouth:

I’m glad I ordered this, it has more battery capacity than the Lustfire K08 that the profiteers grabbed up at Tmart. Still would have been nice to have got the K08 since I got a brand new set of EVVA 26650’s sitting here. There will be other opportunities for 26650 host in the future.

I hope to see a host like the Ultrafire 1226 with 8 18650’s someday or find a machinist that can make a 8 cell tube.


IF you want black you have to "wait for a while", till they "get some". Whatever the hell that means, but you won't be getting black till they have them and it might be a day or two weeks with these people. If you bought a "Black One", then contact May@gearbest.com, to get your refund and if she gives you any crap problems let me know.

lol. I feel your frustration OL

Thanks for your work on this.

And to save OL any grief later on theres nothing to say the black batch will be identical to the gold batch.

Thanks for your Time + Effort OL. $25 would be a Nice Price. I ordered 1.