Update! Ultrafire u-f19 flashlight build, big reflector! Xhp70!

Hey guys! So recently I bought this ultrafire u-f19 from volumerate for 60€, basically a courui d07 clone, which I believe is a clone of the acebeam haha. So clone of a clone tbh. From factory it had maybe 1800 lumens (2800 stated, but no not even close, tested it) Yes I paid too much, I know haha. The light came with tailcap board screws missing, driver 2/3 screws missing and nicks/imperfections in reflector. So basically I paid and got a half assembled only light... Should have requested a refund, but decided to stick with the light, whatever.

Now... This is where I decided to start modding it. So this light is terribly underpowered ~1800lumens from an xhp70, are you joking? So resistor modded the stock driver, but it blew up, haha.

Ok Fair enough, let's put in an fx-30 driver.. Cut out an adapter 30mm id and 44mm od from 2mm copper, and soldered it in place...boom! Excuse my soldering!

Then I converted the battery carrier to 2s:

Then I tried it out and it works around 5 amps! Work still in progress...

Some pictures of the light as of now..

Now... I have a question, a 26mm maxtoch board fits, or should I glue in the 22mm board with epoxy metal? Or should I just use screws? I think a maxtoch board would be best, but we'll see. Tell me what you guys think of the build whay should I do with the boards?

Other than that I might put an xhp70.2 aswell as try an xhp50.2 for more throw, the reflector is huge, need to see what each led looks like in the light. Flood vs throw that's the question? Maybe both?

Hi, very interesting I have an U´King that is the same as the UF19 but with ramping mode. The overall construction is less than good but I will try to follow your mod to see if I can do somethig with it to have a bit of improvement.

yeah, for sure try it! I'm wondering if I should put a maxtoch 26mm board in too! Would be easier to secure aswell as it won't move from side to side, the 22mm board is too small.

I see no pictures

hm I can see them just fine, my internet needed time to load them! Try again, or do you get a link but no pictures?

I get nothing (PM received)
do the links end with “.jpg” ?

No pics here either. You build sounds interesting.

Yea not even link here? Did you try and post it using the photo option on BLF or did you just post the links?

well, I removed the links and all yesterday, will try to upload pictures later today.

Alright sweet! If you drop box them you can link them to me and i can put them on my Flickr and share them here.

Yea its working perfect now!

do pics show now?


Finally! Well check back for any updates! How do I get this thread to show on main page and not get lost in sales etc?

Depending on circumstances I do either retaining the MCPCB.
Theres also a 32mm board available if it helps clear the bottom of the reflector.

yeah, updating post soon, I tapped and got everything mounted, working good. I might put a nicer maxtoch 26mm mcpcb and xhp70.2

What size screws did you use?

If it fits a 26mm board might as well use it. I am yet to buy any XHP70.2 i will get some soon for a build and or upgrades.

3mm screws, yeah might put a 26mm maxtoch board. Put an xhp70.2 in my thorfire s70! Pulls about 7-7,5 amps with resistor bridged!

Btw from where should I buy the l6? bg? ali? I see them on amazon too but 82€, do you think they will undervalue it ? don't wanna deal with customs. Ali and bg is around 50€ for the l6 but they need to undervalue it below 22€ to get past customs. Yes our shitty country limits imports to 22€ before we have to do tax