[UPDATED M4D deal] Manker “EDC Muscle Combo – BLF Limited”

So it's time to think about driver upgrade...

I am also sending an email Martin, I would love a code. Thank you.

Does anyone know how long the turbo actually lasts before stepping down?
The manual says turbo lasts 35 min, but I assume it doesn’t stay on turbo for the full 35 min.
Maybe it does?

Turbo lasts 3min.

See Zero’s review:

Oh, I forgot this thread was for both the MC13 and the E14 III.
I Specifically meant for the MC13. Still 3 min?

I would use Google now...

how can this be accurate ? sins my E14III came set by default to mode 5 ?

It was Manker’s comment?

Would this battery work? Or is another one recommended?

18350 Vapcell INR18350 1100mAh 9A High Discharge Button Top

Anywhere to purchase an extra 18650 and 18350 tube? Tried emailing Max and he doesn’t think Manker sells extras

Does anyone know the max current on E14? I’m considering swap to E21A but don’t know if it’s too much for those leds.

I’m running 219B in mine

I did the same thing, and it works great.

I received my combo today …well part of it.

I got the BLF EDC Muscle Combo brown box in an unmolested, perfectly intact bubble envelope.

Inside said box was the MC13 (#BLF 200239) head and 18650 tube with switch … 1 USB cable pkg … 1 user manual for MC13 … 1 user manual for E14 flooder.

I did NOT receive the 18350 body tube nor the E14 copper flooder head in NW.

anyone else come up short in the delivery?


Manker made good on the missing combo parts.
I received them today.

Thank you Steven @ Manker !*

have you contacted the shop?

I sent an email reply from my order shipment confirmation.

I know this is horrible timing with CNY going on right now.

*Manker made good on the missing combo parts.
I received them today.

Thank you Steven @ Manker !*

I just posted a thread about how to change the moonlight groupings.

There seems to be some defect on the anodizing of the 18350 tubes, what I did is I wrap the threads in PTFE plumber’s tape and the light can mechanically lock out now. I left the tape there even after adjusting the mode group as the tape makes the thread feels silky smooth.

I purchased my E14 III from a local retailer and mine came with square cut heatsink fins, and the lens cover on mine seems fine though