updated- Maglite Pro Plus AA 351!!! lumens???

MOST lights by MOST manufacturers drop down ESPECIALLY at the price point of the Mini Mags, they’re not high end lights. I personally feel the high mode in most cases is TOO bright, fortunately Maglite balances the modes nicely and low mode is excellent with awesome runtime (I upgraded to the new 351 Lumen for the higher lowmode) at work we also use Streamlight ProTacHL USBs we keep them exclusively in low mode (about 60 Lumens) and were damn happy with that. Maglite isn’t asking an arm and a leg for these lights and I’m not asking for top shelf performance, I’m asking for durability and reliability and my Maglites have delivered.
I have a Malkoff MDC 2AA Body and a VME head,I’m gonna have a P60 dropin made for it my target high mode is 150 Lumens with hopefully 3+ hours of runtime. You don’t need a lot of light especially for a smaller light, the thermal envelope can only take so much then they throttle.

I use my Mini Mag Pro Plus nearly every day, almost always on low mode, which is all I need indoors/up close. High mode only gets used occasionally to ceiling bounce light a dark room or for out doors (though I am more likely to grab something like the ML25 when heading out).

Though I prefer the ML25 (particularly the two mode 2C) for the most part, the Mini Mag Pro Plus can hold its own when compared to most other 2 AA lights – especially when it comes to build quality, dependability and price. Beams might not look as pretty for white wall hunting with Mag’s smooth reflectors, but I like that they throw out there some.

I don’t mind the step down at all – if I am using a light for more than a few min., I would rather have less lumens and more run time with less heat building up.

Big fan of the LED Mini Mag, especially the Pro+.

They’re also REALLY easy to mod. You can swap in a 219, SST20, or any 3v XP-footprint LED of your choice in 3 minutes with hot air. Easy and cheap way to try different LEDs.

You’re telling me you know the output voltage of the Maglite driver and know how to solder one in? Do you know which 219CT 4000K driver to use? Do you offer modding services?

They’re standard on this Mechforce Supressor Turbo light I got and my mind is blown how good they are. Whites are white but the colors have the high CRI pop!! I want this LED in every light I own.

Your profile pic, lighthouse from the beginning of the first Bioshock?

If they have a 3V emitter installed that means you can swap one in, that part’s simple.

Hope maglite make a new version with more lumens or more modes

Wife has the 272 version. It has a nice neutral beam that looks good anyway I can adjust it. I think maglite has done well with their led lights and yet stay true to their form factor. Any different and they wouldn't be a maglite.