updated- Maglite Pro Plus AA 351!!! lumens???

Hey friends…

I have lost track of the new Maglite flashlights that Maglite is offering since a few years ago.

I have seen a “new” (new, at least for me…) maglite Pro Plus with 332 lumens!

If I am not wrong, the first gen was 226 lumens… Then upgrade to 245… Then to 281… And now I see 332 lumens!!

Does anyone of you have it??

Does it still have a timed output which reduces a lot of power after a few minutes, like the first one that drop from 245 to about 80 in two minutes?

Is it worth?


Update: there is a newer version rated at 351 lumens

I had one, it is a little brighter than the preceding 272 lumen version, but the tint on mine was bluer, so I stayed with the old one.

The 2C ML25 is a better buy IMO, it has a lot more throw and a much better beam pattern with good tint. The ML25 has lower lumens but who cares? Lumens are good for comparing light bulbs, not flashlights. Throw, beam pattern and tint are what counts. The ML25 runs at full power without any timed step down like on the Mini Mag Pros.

I run my ML25 on a 18650 in a 3D printed adapter, which gives good runtime without much weight.

Thanks for your answer!!

I prefer AA powered instead of C or D…

Does it have a step down in brightness as the previous ones??

Don’t know, but I would guess that the 332 MM Pro still steps down, the ML25 is one of the few Mag LEDs that runs flat out without reducing brightness.

If you want an AA Mini Mag, I would recommend the Pro Plus either the 245 or 281 lumen Pro Plus, as they have a very useful low mode.


I always talk about the pro plus… With a low mode…

But… I may reconsider the ml25 that you are talking about

The Mini Mag Pro Plus is a great light for what it is, but it is limited by it’s smaller reflector and larger LED chip which means it has a fairly small spill and a big hot spot. The ML25 has a smaller, much brighter hot spot and a huge spill. The spill is bright enough for close up and the intense hot spot gives it a lot throw. The ML25 is obviously a fatter (though not very much longer) light, it is about as compact as a 2C light gets and the larger diameter head/body provides a better grip that is easy to turn on with one hand.

The ML25 can also be run on AA’s or 18650’s in adapters.

For around $20 the ML25 is hard to beat for value. I have the original single mode ML25 – great light but there is a new version that recently came out that has 2 modes that should be even better.

For a more compact light I like the AAA Mini Mag LED. The AAA MM has a beam more like the ML25 – big spill beam for up close with a small hot spot for distance.

Ok thanks. I will do some searchs on ebay… Still not decided

Wow, so mag is only 5 years behind the times? :stuck_out_tongue:

My 281 lumen AA Minimag Pro+ has the most even tint of all my Cree lights. A very even colder white.

Update: it seems there is a even newer version rated with 351 lumens…

As luck would have it I have two of these 351 Lumen Mags right here with me. Here you go! The beam on the ceiling has been on for 5 minutes the beam on the wall was just switched on, if it’s throttling it ain’t much, ambient temp is about 72-75 degrees.
And for all you “Maglite is behind the times” folks, the Mini Maglite Pro + has out put and runtimes comparable to any 2AA Chinese light (some cases better) without all the bs strobe modes and with FAR stronger build quality. I’m a mechanic I’ve used a Mini Maglite Pro + for 5 years beaten the crap out of it, dropped it in oil trans fluid diesel hydraulic fluid etc, dropped it in engine compartments had it ping pong all the way to the concrete workshop floor MANY times dropped it a million times, it took it. The Fenix’s died after about 3 Years.

Thanks for your comment!

Yes maglite is not as bad and as outdated as many people say.

I love the classic maglite style… But I am from europe and I have to buy online paying a lot of money for them…

The Maglites cost me about $32usd each. If you can get them for under 40€ I’d say go for it.

I am starting to love the ml25lt (the new two mode version)… I can get it for 32$ but in this moment my economic situation is pretty baaaad…

Yep sucking here too. I would LOVE an ML25lt but I need to find Nimh rechargeable C batteries. I love the Maglite AA Pro +s because they can slip in a pocket, and the new 351 Lumen ones are BRIGHT, the peak beam intensity is 8,000 candela so they can THROW.

You can use a regular AA eneloop with adapters AA to C as I would use…

The ML25 is brighter and throws further with a much better beam – shine both against a white wall, dial in the focus and it is obvious. Take them outside and shine them at a good distance down range and the advantage of the ML25 becomes even more pronounced. ML25’s are easy to run on AA Eneloops in simple spacers: Eneloop sells them or you can easily make them yourself. I also run mine on 18650’s or 21700’s in 3D printed adapters.

Oh I don’t doubt it, but I need the Mini Mags to be shirt pocketable and I also use it with a flashlight holder that Velcro’s to my head. I’ll pick up an ML25 when I get a chance then.

I have several of the new Mini Maglite Pro single level 332 lumen ones like these on Maglite's website. I tend to swap colored parts, to make it more interesting.

Here is the runtime I did some time ago. Lumens were tested on the Texas Ace Calibrated Lumens Tube. Pretty much matched Maglite spec. However, Maglite ramps up the output in the first minute to reach spec, then backs down.

They are not as bad as many ones say.

I love the classic desing…. They could be cheaper too