Updated: (ShenZhen) SanXing. Internet .Ltd---No.1 - Buyer Beware - Sells On AliExpress

I bought a battery pack for my HID flashlight from a seller there and have yet been able to track it with the tracking # provided. He gives me a link that is in Chinese. I was able once to get to where I could see some info. But now I can’t. I filed a complaint with AliExpress. But this just about tells me not to buy from them again with this bad experience.

Ok my bad.

I can track it.

I’ll update the title.

Update: Complaint was escalated by me to a claim. Case is now closed. AliExpress is issuing me a full refund and I get to keep the battery pack. So with that I thank them.

Is your problem withe the seller, or China Post? China post is the worst for tracking info. Once it’s left the country I can track it fine using Canada Post.
Hong Kong and Singapore Post are much better.

Brad, IIRC this was sent through something other than china post right? If so then you can just use Google Chrome to translate the page to english.

Lately for me ALL Chinese vendors suck…still waiting on items shipped out Nov 26 from TMart & DX. |(

I don’t wanna order from China from here on out…EXCEPT FOR FAST TECH !!! :bigsmile:

I just wish FAST TECH had everything we at the forum needed…they’d get ALL of my business.

Sheez…I’ve received DX stuff ordered after your order…

And…I hope my AliExpress order with Doing Outdoor comes through… :weary:

I just don’t like their layout and how hard it is to use their site. It takes me for ever to understand how they want you to do what you need to do in otherwords.

It’s not the vendors, it’s the carriers. Once it’s in the postal system the vendors have no control whatsoever. When deciding, I always look to see what postal system the vendors are offering. If I’m just ordering a bunch cheap crap, China Post is fine. Hong Kong and Singapore are better.
Even during Christmas I got all my stuff, from all three carriers without a hitch. Chrismas and Newyears must be nuts in Asian post offices. I work in the biggest postal facillity in Canada, and you could not even imagine the shear volume from Asia just for Canada alone.
Chinese New Years is coming up and the whole continent will shut down entirely.

Maybe become bi-lingual :slight_smile:

Seriously tho alie is like freebay: bad and good. Ask a buncha’ English questions before clicking the purchase button (vendors on alle-exxpress don’t change their prices crazy fast like they do on freebay, so you’ve got plenty ’o time)

Jus’ sayin’… it’s helped me with my decisions for purchases on both sites.

I like US sellers on ebay, and sellers that offer epacket on Alie

I sent you and scaru the tracking # and link.

Any info yet?

|( |( |( |( |(

Well it looks like I will be getting my order like promised. I may have jumped the gun on this one. But we will see.

Your package is in Penfield NY.

Thank you. Now tell me how you did that.

I went to the link you provided, pasted in the tracking number, clicked “Query”, and then clicked “Detail”.

Let me try that.

That must be how I did it before. LOL! Ok me stupid. :bigsmile:

Me too. I ordered a keygos ke-5 on the 26th of November from Keygos.com. It shipped on the 27th according to my email . I contacted them yesterday and they just said please be patient. Ridiculous!

There’s free shipping, and there’s free shipping. If they didn’t state registered with tracking, it’s probably economy. It could be in an airline warehouse waiting for room, or it may be in a seatainer on a slow boat.

Don’t kick yourself. With thirty seven years at the post office, I’m pretty good at looking at things that are totally fk* and making perfect sense of them. :wink: