[Updated] Surveying interest for 5mm high-power high-CRI LED

I have finally found a suitable replacement for Yuji’s 5mm warm white LEDs. The LEDs should be suitable for C01 hosts (see Djozz’s interest list). This will arrive soon, and will be put on sale shortly after. Now, I’m planning to make a journey further into an uncharted territory.

I have long dreamt of a 5mm High CRI LED that rivals Nichia GS in terms of output. The same company I bought the LED from offered to R&D this type of LED, provided that I would buy a batch after they completed their experiment.

Here is the requirement I told this manufacturer to experiment on:

CRI: 95+
Tint: ??? (When they mass produce these, they will most likely divide the tint so I know which one is better than others. I will have to take all of the tints and price it differently.)
Voltage: 3.0-3.4v
Nominal Current: 70ma
Output: 24-30lm (at 70ma) — Although I expect the final product to deliver around 18-24 lm (due to the efficiency cost of 95 CRI)
Lens angle: 60deg
CCT: 4000k (initially, more if initial batch is successful)

I’m not sure if or when this experiment will be completed, but this seems to be the holy grail of the 5mm LEDs if the experiment would be a success, at a reasonable price.

Pricing: I have no idea yet, but it can be fairly pricey. To be honest, this can be priced a bit higher than Nichia GS and the 0.5w LED selling on eBay (because they are basically these plus high CRI). Assuming worst-case scenario that I will tolerate, the my regular selling price will be (excl. shipping):

10 pcs — $9 ($7.7 for each extra 10)
30 pcs — $23 ($6.4 for each extra 10)
100 pcs — $64 ($5.0 for each extra 10)
500 pcs — $250

To sweeten the deal, if you are interested, you can sign up and specify the amount you need. I can offer the special pricing for the participants as below, if there are 1500-3000pcs of interests total or more:

10 pcs — $8 ($6.0 for each extra 10)
30 pcs — $18 ($5.1 for each extra 10)
100 pcs — $51 ($4.0 for each extra 10)
500 pcs — $200

I hope this supplier won’t charge me more than what would result in this speculated worst-case scenario, and if they won’t, I will adjust the price down accordingly. Now, it’s your turn to sign up.

UPDATE: I’ve found a similar product and bought a sample of 1k pcs, check my WTS thread for details.

Reserved for counting

Total: 300 pcs

10 pcs:

30 pcs:

100 pcs:

500 pcs:

In for 30pcs

Any estimates on shipping price?

Shipping (in most cases) depending on weight.

$4.5 - $12 tracked shipping (2-4 weeks)
$2 - $8 untracked shipping (2-8 weeks)

For order of 100pcs or less, the shipping will be at the minimum in each category ($4.5 and $2 respectively).

Gross weight more than 1kg and it will be express shipment — starts at $35 depending on destination and weight (2-5 days). You can opt for this choice if you’re in hurry, too.

If you’re lucky and live the same country as I do, the domestic shipping cost can be as low as $1.

Wow, very nice. :heart_eyes: I’m in for 30 pieces, maybe more if the price is better. Can you ship these maybe together with your 95 CRI 7070 leds?

in for 30

Sure in for 30 pieces

I’ll go in for 30 pieces. I might increase it after seeing the results of testing.

Interested in 10

Interested in 10 pcs, please!

I take 10

This is intriguing. Good work finding this product.

I’m not ready to commit yet, but I will keep an eye on this thread and think about how I might make use of these.

I`ll take 10 for now, might go for 30 pending on final price

If you’re interested in the amount between the tiers, feel free to order multiples.

for example:

60 pcs = 2x30pcs.
300 pcs = 3x100pcs.

In the case that the total cost you ordered is more expensive than the next tier (for example: 400pcs would cost $204 vs 500pcs that will cost $200), I will upgrade you to the next pricing tier (500pcs) accordingly.

What if somebody wanted 50 pieces? How would you price that? Or would you just not allow 50 piece orders? I’m actually a bit confused about your pricing tiers, and your latest post makes me even more confused, not less. :weary:

I’d be in for 10.

Mmm, 70mA nominal current? Typical 5mm leds are rated for 20mA max or so, doesn't it? This product is in a completely different league, though.

70mA at ≈3.2V is ≈0.224W, I wonder how much else will they be able to withstand given the package limitations concerning heat dissipation.

Interesting, in any case.

I'd say 50 pieces can be divided into a single 30 piece tier plus two 10 piece increases: $23 + 2 × $6.4 = $35.8 O:)

Sat, 09/14/2019 - 05:50, Sat, 09/14/2019 - 05:56

It’s in more or less the same league as Nichia GS.

I revised pricing scheme a bit. Though this will be messier to count.