Updates on where to buy Carclo optics in EU?

I’ve read this old thread https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/13797


  • Fasttech: not selling carclo
  • Ledsupply: very expensive shipping to EU (14,70 USD to Italy)
  • Conrad: slightly better but still expensive (it costs 8€ to ship a 2,19€ optic to Italy)
  • Mouser: shipping to Italy is 20 EUR!
  • Farnell: Stopped selling Carclo

Do you know about other shops with cheap shipping to Europe or Conrad is the only option?

EDIT: Let me add:

  • https://www.rs-online.com/ RS ships to Italy for 7,32 EUR (6€+VAT) and doesn’t list the model I need :frowning: the Carclo 10621 to try swapping it with the 10622 of the Emisar D4
  • And of course it’s worth checking ebay, aliexpress, amazon… no luck for the Carclo 10621 at least

UPDATE: checked the official distributors http://www.carclo-optics.com/distributors

  • Anglia: UK only, £4.95 for orders of £30 and below.
  • Arrow: seems like they ship for free from US to Italy with no minimum order amount! :crown: no idea how that is possible! but the 10621 is out of stock :frowning:
  • Avnet: 40pcs min
  • Compel: Russian company
  • Freeway: wholesaler
  • Leds.de/Lumitronix: France + Germany 4,70 EUR?
  • Future Electronics: wholesaler
  • MSC: wholesaler?
  • Neumueller: wholesaler?
  • Tron: wholesaler
  • vossloh-schwabe: wholesaler
  • WPG: Minimum Qty: 48

Where in Italy are you at? I actually just ordered 2 10621 from ledsupply and going to Florence in 10 days. Those are spares for my P60 builds.

Maybe Maritex?

First of all thanks a lot! That’s very kind :slight_smile: it’s a small world… I’m not from Florence, but I do live in Tuscany actually :stuck_out_tongue:
Actually I want to make an overview of the situation, should we find a convenient shop it would be great, for me (even if this time I find a way to… smuggle the 10621 from the US :stuck_out_tongue: I may need Carclo optics again in the future so it’s good to know how to get them) and for all the other people living in the EU.

But maybe I’ll write you a PM :wink: thanks again and enjoy Florence. By the way, here is a hidden little gem a few hundred meters from the touristic spots, my personal to-do thing when I’m in Florence… you’ll thank me later :wink: https://www.tripadvisor.it/Restaurant_Review-g187895-d1861207-Reviews-Gelateria_della_Passera-Florence_Tuscany.html

11.90 EUR :frowning: but thanks for the suggestion :wink: I don’t know any of those distributors except LedSupply, Mouser and DigiKey, which I have already checked… I’ll have a look to the other ones, but I think they’ll probably be mostly wholesalers and I doubt they would be better than Conrad for shipping small orders.

I’ve been checking the distributors and…

:crown: :crown: :crown: :crown: :crown:


Seems like they ship for free from US to Italy with no minimum order amount!!!* :crown: no idea how that is possible!

…but the 10621 is out of stock :FACEPALM:

That’s really awesome though… I think I’ll try buying a couple of optics to check if it’s really like that (it sounds too good to be true)

But now I’ll go on with the other ones to check if maybe I manage to find the 10621 shipped at a reasonable price

checked all the distributors :stuck_out_tongue: what I found is in the first post… a few interesting things, but not for me :s

I’m actually driving to Tuscany.

Carclo even have manufacture in CZ (main in UK).
Are you sure you will see any difference between 10622 and 10621?

I ordered from Intl Outdoor before and it was the quickest and easiest way. Shipping is free, no customs/duty fee either (if order small enough). The 10622 is a good, general optic and I like the beam profile.

Conrad has the option for free in-store collection if you have a store nearby in your location.

Hint: There are also smaller, less known hobby stores or electronics parts suppliers who can get flashlight parts. I travel for a living and I was surprised how many smaller shops would know about these things. Can you do any local research?

At times Carclo optics may be available via EU ebay sellers as well, I saw them last year but can’t find any atm.

That link to Arrow above is unreal, can’t believe they have free international shipping without a minimum order quantity/value. And it is also DHL priority within, like, a week?! They must be losing money on each of these tiny orders?


So, I tried ordering to a EU delivery location. This comes up in Paypal:



Therefore, I don’t believe Arrow will approve orders under $50 for free shipping, they might just cancel the order, I presume? Will report back here.

Tuscany is the whole region, but I’ve sent you a PM :wink:

No :stuck_out_tongue: that’s why I want to try :slight_smile: for sure the beam will be somehow narrower, but I have no idea if the gain in throw will be noticeable.

Yeah Intl Outdoor is a good shop but sells the 10622 only… which is the one already in the Emisar D4, so no point in buying another one.

Thanks for the Conrad tip but for Italy it doesn’t seem there are local stores… I found nothing on the website and even registering an account the only option during the checkout is shipping. I’ll think about the other local shops too.

Thanks, let us know :wink:

Thanks a lot to Edness, who smuggled for me a couple of 10621 optics form the states! Also, meeting in front of the tower of Pisa and showing our EDC flashlights was kinda funny :stuck_out_tongue:

any news about Arrow? :slight_smile:

LOL it was nice meeting you! It’s always cool to meet someone from BLF…my wife thinks we are weird.

Thanks for the treats…they are delicious!