Updates - Win your favorite CYANSKY flashlight

Hi, BLFers,

We are also very sorry if this event violates the rules here. We do this because we want our users to enjoy life and enjoy using our products. Yes, what we want is this. Our team originates from a group of outdoor enthusiasts who also have more than 14 years of experience in the flashlight industry. Because we love the outdoors, we can better understand the needs of users for flashlights. We hope our products can create value for everyone and can help you when you need light. We love life and love to share. If we can find that our products can create more value for users, it proves that we have succeeded. But no, we haven't made it. It's just getting started. From this event, we can know that we have not done enough. we are very sorry. Now, all we need to do is: keep going.

Although this activity was not successful, we are still very grateful to the participants who supported us. So we will still follow the rules of the event and announce our winner.
1, 10 # Rusty Joe
2, 11# wle

Please PM us the model you want and leave your shipping address. We will ship the product to you ASAP. Thank you for all your support.

Hi, everyone,

Till today, CYANSKY has released several products and got a lot of positive feedback and recognition in the market. We appreciate your support from all corners of the world. Because of you, we have been able to get to where we are today. So we decided to give away some products to our users here to express our gratitude.

How to join:
1. Share your photos with CYANSKY products. Either option A or B below is fine.
A. Post your photos of using CYANSKY products in the comment area, and indicate the city where you are and what you use CYANSKY products for.
B. Share a photo of CYANSKY products with your city's landmark buildings, and indicate the city where they are located. Let's see where CYANSKY products have reached.

2. Leave a comment on #Cyanskylight, and share your experience of using CYANSKY products, suggestions for product improvement, or thoughts on the CYANSKY brand.

Winner: 3 winners
Prizes: The winner can specify the CYANSKY product model he wants.
Event period: We will announce the winner list at 17:00 (UTC+8) on September 30th.

1. Please post your photos with CYANSKY products in the comment area. We welcome multiple photos taken in different scenes, and each member can repeat comments on multiple floors. But please do not post duplicate photos and photos with high similarity to the same scene, otherwise, the posting will be invalid.
2. We will judge the photos posted on each floor. After our selection vote, the top 3 participants with the most votes win.
3. CYANSKY owns the copyright to use all photos of participating activities. It can be used for commercial use rights such as brand display and brand promotion. Participation in the activity is deemed to be in agreement to these terms.

Thank you so much for your participation, and good luck!

PS: If you don't know how to post photos on BLF, check out this article: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/47268

Don”t call it “giveaway”

when the general conditions are so.
Same with condition to post it on FB or others-

Hate this.

Something like that i call “a fake giveaway”

My opinion is that such a thing
is only free advertisment for you.

With this terms
no Cyansky for me

Hopefully they will ship to the correct address :wink:

I don’t have a Cyansky flashlight yet, so I can’t post a photo. (I contacted you a while ago and asked about a collaboration, but didn’t get a reply.)


I don’t have a Cyansky flashlight, so I feel a bit disadvantaged if this really is a GAW.

I dont have a cyansky flashlight.

If you send me one, I Will be able to post the photos you ask to enter the giveaway.


Aha! Pay it forward.

1 - They give you light, and
2 - You give us photos, and
2a- Them too

This is basically how these sponsored reviews work. :wink: Btw, I’m still willing to help you, Cyansky. :smiley:

Get one! Hurry!

M1R keychain light, on the charger with my pilot watch by citizen

city: atlanta

i use it for: general lighting around the house at night


cyansky on the charge

what does this mean exactly?

“2. Leave a comment on #Cyanskylight


Sounds like a job, no thanks.

I don’t much like this either. It is more like they are paying for the photos that they like…
And I am the winner of another of their give aways. So I could take some pictures of it.
I do like the P25 overall, but don’t often use it because it is too big to easily carry.
I just don’t like the way they are doing this. I agree, it should not be labeled a GAW.

i also ‘happened to have’ an M1R, which i reviewed previously for them


This "giveaway" is not allowed on BLF.


  • Please DO NOT create contests or giveaways that require purchasing something to participate.

In all fairness, the rules are trodden on regularly lately and some let slip - rightly or wrongly, not my concern as such but I do think if you are going to have rules then they should be stuck to by everyone.
That being said maybe it’s best just to update the rules to reflect all ages and if people want to jump through the hoops then that’s up to them.

I understand many of us are more senior age wise including myself, and are not quite so keen to frequent facebook etc and release our locations, names, share etc - but there are plenty who don’t mind it in the younger generations and all these rules may be treading on their feet so to speak, perhaps it’s time to review the rules to reflect the changing times? - so basically if you want to enter and jump through the hoops, sharing, hashtagging, following, subscribing etc then fine - go for it, but if you don’t want to then don’t enter and just ignore it. Seems a bit futile pointing out the rules every time to me, since they rarely take notice anyway.
Not being ungrateful to you btw RC, as you’re only pointing them out as I have before. :+1:
Just an idea :slight_smile:

Yeah, I understand completely.

Currently, just about the only time I feel like I can bring up the rules anymore is with commercial sellers.

Regular BLF members don't like it when I bring up the rules, so now I'm trying to not do that with regular members.

—yeah me and that one other guy are sure winners, right now…

actually my light and his light, were given to us by cyansky anyway


This giveaway clearly breaks this forum rule.

  • Please DO NOT create contests or giveaways that require purchasing something to participate.