upgrade blf gt with sbt90.2 (kit or parts available?)

Hey All,

I am interested in upgrading my BLF GT with an sbt90.2 LED. Does anyone know if there is an sbt90.2 MCPCB that will fit? Or even better would be the full upgrade kit like was available for the XHP70?


I would like to know as well. Would definitely be interested in a conversion kit.

I would start by contacting Vestureofblood here who runs Adventure Sports. This seems right up his alley. Also Texas Lumens who designs the boards. With 8-18650’s the output would be wild.

You mean the sbt90.2? It is an upgrade over the sst-90 from what I’ve read.

Yes thank you.

There has been much interest in this, but it has been brushed off as they would rather sell the entire light for much more cost then help us upgrade something, we already have that is outdated. With that being said if someone can make it happen reasonably I’m in. The other issue is I could be wrong, but I do not think there is a warm version of the sbt90.2 which just ends up turning the light into a lightsaber and melting everything in its path.

I’d ordered the BLF GT70 conversion kit from nealsgadgets. After a month I emailed to find out the status, order cancelled and refunded.

I definitely want to upgrade it, maybe I’ll have to pay someone to do it for me.

I think if we could locate the parts that fit the best (even if they aren’t perfect) that would be a good start…

TexasAce on this forum used to sell the conversion kits for the GT/GT70, but I think his supply dried up. You might want to PM him to see if he has any, otherwise you’d need to find the right mcpcb, driver, and modify the battery carriers for parallel, not series/parallel.

Here is a pic of Texas Ace kit, no longer available. For reference.

You can get some parts, but I cannot find the battery carriers or a driver. Neal Gadgets may be possible.
luminus-sbt90-2-led Cool White: 5700K on 32mm diameter by 2mm thickness mcpcb. It is smaller but it may work.

BLF Q8 driver at Aliexpress, if you can mod it.

You might ask Victor Zhou from Lumintop on FB Messenger.

Carriers can be done yourself, see THIS thread.

Great info, thanks. Maybe someone that has done the mod can comment on if the 32mm sbt90 would work.

You’d think they’d be happy to sell a kit - I’d want to upgrade my blf gt even if I bought a gt94…

I don’t use facebook, maybe i’ll try their website contact.