Upgraded Thorfire s70s

Thorfire has an upgraded S70 (S70s) on Amazon.

S70S is brighter (3000 > 3960 lumens), has 6 modes with standby mode

and a tail switch for standby mode or power cutoff.

At $70 it seems like a really good buy, I am not waiting for a discount code…

thanks for finding this light, can’t wait for the first reviews. never owned a bigger light but Thorfire is pretty much #1 on my wish list.

Nice find… I like the moonlight mode. I wonder how is the PWM? My little TG06 has bad PWM on low modes.
Here’s the URL.


Yes Tom and little me have helped them a bit with the proper brightness levels.
With this new low and longer time before stepdown on turbo the S70 V2 should rock big a$$ now.

Is there a link?! Couldn’t find it on amazon…



i wouldnt mind snatching S70 V2 too but i will wait for it to come down $50 :stuck_out_tongue:

got too many lights to play around for now :smiley:

Awesome! Did you also suggest a neutral white emitter?

Well that information would have been helpful a couple of weeks ago before I purchased my second S70 :wink:
All good, just an excuse to buy a third. I really do like this light.

Subbed, but i’ll wait for a better deal, and not on Amazon.

Hmmm… with an NW option and for under 50 USD it COULD be a nice alternative for the Convoy L6 but why wait when you can already have it all with the L6 plus: no stepdown, better grip (S70 ano is too slippery), not top heavy.

“Justmy2cents” of course. Always good to have more lights to choose from.


EDIT: funny how they used the beamshots from CPF user “kj75” for the Amazon advert…

Subscribed. Thank you.

Does anyone know if this is just the S70 (which I have) with different mode spacings ?
The original S70 was advertised as being 3000 lumens but most members with them, myself included, have found the output to in fact be around 3600 lumens the claimed lumens for this S70s ?
Just wondering if this S70s has the same lumen output as the S70 ?

what makes it upgraded version?

I still don’t like the aesthetics. The Convoy L6 looks so much better.

They’re very differently styled lights.
I like the looks of the S70.
If i liked the looks of the L6 i would have bought one already when the deals were sweet. (like $ 45)

the S :stuck_out_tongue:

“S” stand for sometime sexy?


I just re-read my post (number 13) & realised I must have had a senior moment :FACEPALM:
The S70s is a claimed 3960 lumens & not 3600 as I stated.
What I was trying to get at was the original S70 was claimed to be 3000 lumens but was in fact 3600 lumens (some members reported 3,800 iirc) so was more powerful than claimed.
I was wondering does the same hold true for the S70s ie. it is claimed to be 3960 but has anybody tested it yet to see if that is correct, in which case it would not be much more powerful the original S70, or is it like the original S70 & more powerful than the claimed lumens ?
Hope that makes sense now :slight_smile:

Just added the S70S to my wish list, any more info on this?

Interested in real lumen numbers.

will the solder blob mod work on this?