I stumbled across this one and had not heard of it…my wife was wondering what the hell I was laughing at!! I think this qualifies as one of those “what the hell were they thinking” product names :FACEPALM:


You would have to really try hard to come up with a product name worse than that :smiley: - but if they had the name in big letters on the light I might be tempted to get it just to put on display })

Bro, that name’s been around since BLF was born. :slight_smile::slight_smile: That’s like in 2010.

What the fucking hell……

and it comes with brown spacers…

And says “caution hot surface” on the head

I’d prefer that name on a hotsauce.

The c818 was a neat little light with dual switches, tail cap/e-switch. Where you left off in memory on the e-switch, the tail cap would turn on/off at that level. IIRC. It was awhile ago. The old led4power LD2 was a dual switch functioning driver, that is now discontinued, by adapting the 17mm driver to the c818 you had full use of either switch, made for a nice compact jacket pocket thrower. But I guess the name Uranus Fire was a turn off! :smiley:


I wonder if the name alludes to what happens if you forget it in the back pocket of your pants :smiley:

One to Three 26650s in series powing 7 XML emitters. $27 seems inexpensive for that.

That light is ugly and the brand name is incredible.
Off -Low-high twist ring might be good for a dive light.

Someone here should buy one and do a review. I can’t bring myself to buy one. Army green and electric blue? ewwwww.

Jackassfire is coming…I feel it! It’s what I called myself when I accidentally put a cr123 in a charger while I was in the middle of a good movie. And you thought distracted driving was dangerous. A$$fire is copyrighted I think. Porn I believe. Not that I would know

Ok, fine. That’s the movie I was watching when I got distracted

I expected talk about a dodgy curry when i opened this thread…

Where’s the thread with all the __fire names listed? I believe I found a new one the other day but couldn’t find the thread to check / add it.

fake Cree leds on photos,would kow wich type of driver and shelf/pill use for the heat management

I was hoping to get one of lights to review but they were not willing to offer a discount at all in return, so I won’t bother.

Such asses! lol

any know this “diving” :smiley: :https://de.aliexpress.com/item/Tauchen-licht-1-L2-LED-Tauchen-taschenlampe-6800-lumen-Wasserdichte-lampe-tauch-lampe-unterwasser-Schwimmen-Taschenlampe/32674510958.html?spm=a2g0y.10010108.1000014.6.35c738d6Dww5cT&pvid=e2974a72-a099-4338-b509-b879c7233f29&gps-id=pcDetailBottomMoreOtherSeller&scm=1007.13338.112237.000000000000000&scm-url=1007.13338.112237.000000000000000&scm_id=1007.13338.112237.000000000000000

likely fake LEDs, no shelf, just the MCPCB transporting heat to the body
likely about 10mA parasitic drain from hall sensors

latest Anduril supports dual switch

This is old, but my tests/teardown here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/33266/26

It's a nice solid host for modding - glad I got it. Now running a 3V XHP50.2 doing 19 amps, 3700 lumens (ANSI) at turn on, 108 kcd.

That’s crazy expensive. I can easily get uranusfire after spending only $10 on an Indian buffet.

Oh boy. I gotta change my pic now - Carolina Reaper with the UranusFire C818 ...