[US] Coval Plus' EPIC PD35-TAC + EXTRAS GIVEAWAY!! No Purchase Necessary! (Instagram)

For details, see: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGezmyCxGVR/

One (1) winner will be chosen on 6/15/16 at 12PM CDT. Good luck! No purchase necessary. US Only.

Chances are really high on this one, to be honest, so CHECK IT OUT!

EDIT: NEW ZEBRALIGHTS In Stock Now! https://www.covalplus.com/collections/zebralight

I’m really big on community feedback and customer service, so if you have ANY questions, comments, concerns, anything at all- feel free to email me at Brandon@Covalplus.com or reply to this thread so I can be of assistance :slight_smile:

Coval Plus

Hi Brandon,

Welcome to BLF! And congratulations on your new venture :slight_smile: You will quickly realize that we as a community have good relationships with our commercial vendors.

I am looking forward to visiting your store soon.


Thanks a bunch for your reply :slight_smile: I’m realizing more and more how difficult it is to get your foot in the door in the community as a seller, but I’m very hard-wired to exemplary customer service and take pride in being very personable and close to the customer! It’s the very organic word-of-mouth advertising we’ve had success with in the past, but it always starts so slow. Hopefully we can snowball!!

Thanks again!
Brandon <3

Nice Site!

Thank you! I worked very hard on it <3 Shopify is great but they make it so hard to deviate from the templates they give you, stifling your creativity with their silly training wheels on everything. Hey, when life gives you lemons… something something incendiary lemons.

I might be stupid or so…I can’t find your site address in your first post :blush:

LOL I got so excited about posting here, I forgot to add that! I just edited it in :slight_smile:


Thanks for pointing that out :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Brandon

It might be a good idea to emphasize in big letter’s somewhere in your first post or better still the thread title that you’re based in Texas to distinguish yourself from the many new trader’s that appear on here from China that sell anything but flashlight associated product’s.

Yessir! Done.

Thanks for the input! You guys are great help :slight_smile:

Welcome! It is a nice site. Warning: be prepared for a bunch of requests to carry budget lights and other low-margin products. We can get a bit fanatical.

That’s understandable! I am also guilty of teetering on that fine line between my cheapness and frugality >_> So I know how it is

But rest assured, everything is taken into consideration. Coval has always had a “best of the best” product line kind of philosophy, but sometimes you just can’t ignore the appeal of a super cheap torch! All suggestions hare happily welcomed. That’s why I’m here!

PM, Email, Facebook, Whatever! If you got something in your mind that begs the question “why aren’t more people carrying these??” feel free to blow me up :slight_smile:

Good luck with your new store mate, your attitude seems to be on the right track with your emphasis on customer service. Always hard to deal with the public but if you go into the venture knowing that there will always be a few trying to rip you off you should be fine.

You probably know that the entire Convoy line is one of the best value/quality benchmarks for some of us.
We wish you well!

Yeah those Convoys are getting pretty hard to ignore… Good looking out!

What kind of RCR123 / 16340 are all the cool kids using these days? I have some AWs I like, SolarForce’s look great, Tenergy is… and option. What have you in your lights!?

In b4 18650 master race

I purchased a bunch of Xtar 16350 last year from an ebay vendor. Thats the only ones I have.

2016 Fenix RC40. The new king of all!!! :crown:

You may want to fix your link to your home page. An error shows up when you click on it.

Yes got an error too, but a clever one with big button to enter the site

Welcome to BLF!

MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm yess

How embarrassing… I… swear this never happens… :-x

Thank you all for the very warm welcome, and for checking us out.

A bit fanatical? We can go a LOT farther than that :smiley:

But seriously, it is good to have another retailer who seems to be listening to us. And many of us prefer to do business with people like that rather than some Chinese store who couldn’t care less about us.

Rather than suggest any products, I suggest finding a market ‘niche’ which isn’t being well-filled with a US flashlight retailer already. That may be hard to do- we’re pretty loyal to the people who treat us right and help us get what we want, so offering what they do may not pan out as well for you. If you’ve got the time to read through the forums here it will give you ideas on how to find the success I hope you discover in quantity.

Good Luck with your endeavor!