[US Only] Sofrin SD05 reviewer needed!

Hello guys,

Sofirn upgrade SD05 diving flashlight. 2550 lm IPX8 waterproof level, up to underwater 100 meters. If you have the interest please leave a message, we will contact you soon!

A diving flashlight? I would be interested reviewing a Sofirn one.

Ok! already contacted you. ===PM send, please check. Thanks.

Thank you Sofirn

I’d be interested if you still need people.

Interested, sending p.m.

Really interesting in this one. Unfortunately I do not have other diving flashlight to compare with atm. However, I can review it from a swimmer/flashaholic perspective. :+1: :smiley:

Interested. Will it handle salt water?

I would love to.

Hi Sofirn,

New review would always be nice, especially if this is a new version without timed step down.
We have already seen that this is a very nice light but…

As questions here “Will it handle salt water?”, unfortunately answer is … not for long!
It is good recreational/occasional diving light. It is not a light for often diving even to keep it as backup (electronic switch causes constant if low current flow thru body)
Why? Because salt water is an electrolyte and it will cause aluminum to corrode.
As long as anodizing is intact it is ok but when it is gone these spots will see corrosion (white build up first, then pitting). And dive light gets banged up a lot, there are going to be chips in anodizing rather sooner than later.

If you made internal tube to pass current from tail to the head it would make body only little thicker but it would be MUCH better light overall.
Look what Xtar is doing with their lights, they even use Delrin for battery part with internal metal tube.

Point is that durable diving light cannot have current flowing thru metal body!

With that this is VERY nice light, I have few of them, some converted to blue, just I don’t expect them to last long :frowning:

Edit: Ok, maybe corroded at some spots body will not cause light to stop working but still it would be nice to do it properly :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion, we already submit it to the technical department

I have compared this diving flashlight to the Fenix SD11 which costs twice as much. This flashlight is brighter and has a good hotspot. It can be used to spot crabs in crevices during a dive.

I have bought several SD03s, which I think close to ideal to share with neighbors during emergencies.
As we live in earthquake and wildfire country, very somple sturdy lights can be necessary.
I’d like to compare these to the SD05