USA, Do Not Call Registry

Here in the US the federal government set up a “Do Not Call Registry” many years ago as a part of the drive against people/companies who make unsolicited sales calls. I’ve had my personal and business phone numbers, both landline and cell service, on the list for a very long time. I never thought it did much good to be listed going by the number of robocalls I would get. However, today it became very worth being listed on the Do Not Call Registry.

Today an envelope came in the days post. I did not recognize the return address. It appeared something legal. Inside was a short letter with aprinted cheque on the lower third. I immediately began to wonder what sort of a scam this was? Was my bank account somehow going to be magically depleted if I cashed the check?

A Google search found it was from the legal firm that had initiated a class action case against a California company more than a year ago. I vaguely remember replying to a letter about this last spring. Anyhow, the case moved forward and a settlement was reached. So I got some money for being hassled illegally.


Flashlight fund? Or some other toys?

Over the past decade or so I recall two other class action settlements I was a part of for some reason like having bought some product or another. I don’t think any of them were over $10. Hence, I am very amazed at this one.

Wow! :open_mouth:

Nice! :money_mouth_face:

How about the new Lumintop GT4 when it comes available?

Wow, I’ve been on the Do not call list for a very long time. Doesn’t seem to do any good. I wish they’d make more examples out of these spam idiots

I keep getting calls from angry-sounding chinese women, probably hawking lucky gambling cruises or something.

I should get someone who speaks the language to translate, but…