[USA] ☀︎ Illumn: PB2S Blue, Red, Yellow. FW1A (waiting on SST-20), FW3A in stock and shipping



We're proud to carry the TLF/BLF Lumintop FW3A and FW3C locally in the United States!
Take 20% off with coupon code FW3.

Glow Gaskets are now available!
Glow tailcaps are now available!
Carclo optics available here.

------ NEW PRODUCTS ------

New products have arrived at Illumn! We now carry the popular Molicel!



I don’t even want one and this is temping me to buy… :+1:

Why must you tempt me…

Nice, and very close to home. Hmm, I wonder if I need that 1A I was pondering.

Finally broke down my resistance to tail switches and ordered the Cu XP-L HI.
Also bought 4@ GA’s anticipating the LT1 arrival.

Nice having local recourse/resource in case of problem. :wink:

Now that has to be a record! Took them all of an hour to ship my order. :smiley:

unable to order. It either rejects the amount of lights I want or I get a spinning wheel

Spinning wheel? Did you choose the LED type before clicking add to cart?

for some reason it didn’t give me the option before. had to erase my cookies and now it appears

All orders now shipped. And YES they all have Carclo optics and glass lens.

Would these have the latest Anduril version? I'm guessing not, but thought I would ask anyways.

Unfortunately Lumintop isn't quite up to date as the very latest from ToyKeeper. The vast majority of shipping FW3X models from our store have the version with the updated two levels of lockout mode.

I must say your service has been exceedingly efficient. My FW3C and 4 Sanyo GA’s ordered on 7/18 arrived today.
The copper glows and the switch feels very good and crisp. (&silent)

I’ll be back, as Ahnold would say.

Glad to hear it arrived promptly!

What is the color bin of those SST-20 LEDs?

Confirming with Lumintop.

Recieved my Copper FW3A today —- Ordered Thursday— As usual always Super Fast shipping— This thing sure is Purdy —- the SST 4k tint is very nice to—- I tested 2165 on Turbo

SST-20-W-FD1 4000K

The sst20 I received recently from Neal is fantastic! No hint of green on any level that I can see. Perfect.

I’d still like to know in practical terms how much different the extra heat if the sst20 really matters over the xpl-hi.