[USA] ☀︎ Illumn: PB2S Blue, Red, Yellow. FW1A (waiting on SST-20), FW3A in stock and shipping

Confirming with Lumintop.

Recieved my Copper FW3A today —- Ordered Thursday— As usual always Super Fast shipping— This thing sure is Purdy —- the SST 4k tint is very nice to—- I tested 2165 on Turbo

SST-20-W-FD1 4000K

The sst20 I received recently from Neal is fantastic! No hint of green on any level that I can see. Perfect.

I’d still like to know in practical terms how much different the extra heat if the sst20 really matters over the xpl-hi.

Sorry duplicate post

Interesting! According to the official thread, the bin used to be FA3.


Did Lumintop tell you it is FD1 for both FW3A and FW3C? Or just FW3C?

I'll ask for further clarification but Lumintop is slow and selective at responding.

It’s definitely not FD1. My test results show that it corresponds with the FD2 tint bin. Still good but can be rosier.

You can’t go wrong ordering from Illumn, always been very pleased.

I’m going to order one as soon as I decide which emitter I want.

I opted out of the FW3A group buy basically because of the tail switch (&the 2yr lag time). :weary:
The copper adds value and curb appeal to the light. I wouldn’t have bought it iffn it were sandblasted.
The added perk of having it delivered in days rather than weeks/months put me over the hump.

New products have arrived at Illumn! We now carry the popular Molicel batteries!

Tempted and caved. Aluminum SST-20 (with a spare mcClicky added just for the helluvvit),

Does Mcclicky work in this light?

In the FW3A/FW3C? No, it's an electronic switch and has zero room for a McClicky

Yeah, that’s what I thought. I was confused by the post above mine.

Any chance you will get a nichia or ETA on other colors or metals?

Hi picked up the SST20 4000k and the XP-L Hi 5000k. I can tell you with a good cell there is a large difference in the heat generated with the SST20 being the hot one. But, I may have gotten lucky as I have no green in the output at low current, it does tend to yield a little yellow but I can live with it.

Ok - so on turbo on both — how many more seconds can you hold the xpl? This sst20 is the nicest tint I’ve seen!

Nichia and WW/NW XPL-HI has been ordered as well as glow gaskets. ETA is early next week. Titanium pricing has not even been announced so we can't offer a pre-order yet.

Realistically that depends on what you set your max temperature to. But honestly they both heat up so fast the difference is negligible, maybe 4 seconds at most? They both output different max turbo levels anyways so it's not exactly a direct comparison.

I just got my FW3A SST20. It arrived only 4 days after I placed my order. I am so glad I ordered from Illum.com. It is obvious that each light is checked out, before it is sent out.

Inside the box with the light was a slip that states:
“Your FW3A has been temperature calibrated by Illumn for convenient out-of-the box use.”
I checked their calibration and my light was spot on. While I have learned to calibrate other Anduril lights, it was nice that Illumn already took the time to do this for me.
Thank you! My light is perfect. I love the high CRI SST20 tint, too.