It's almost Independence day! What better way to celebrate your God given rights as Americans than to spend money on material goods?

We have small lights, we have big lights, we have lights in between! Come on down to www.illumn.com and peruse our selection this commercial holiday! Take 25% off with coupon code JULY4 on full priced flashlights from Nitecore, Olight, Rovyvon, Imalent, Wowtac/Atactical, and Thrunite.

Want to blind your city block and be known as that guy we HAVE YOU COVERED.

Perhaps you're not a fan of CRI and just want cold light and easy magnetic charging, most Olights have you covered!

Aiming for something a bit more subtle, keychain lights it is!

Perhaps you're a bit more thrifty, take 25% off already very reasonable Wowtac flashlights!

Found a good price elsewhere? Shoot me a message, but don't shoot the messenger!

Hurry, you can only be so blatantly patriotic until the sale ends on Sunday July 7th at 11:59PM PST when EVERYTHING TURNS BACK INTO A PUMPKIN.


I “heard” this in a TV announcer’s voice in my head when reading it! Good luck on the sale! :partying_face:

I was going to write the standard commercial holiday post but got bored so I had a little fun with it instead.

great post!. see you at the sale folk’s!…
thanks Calvin!.
Happy Independence !….

I bet you could put some fireworks shows to shame, completely drowning out the show with shinier things.

Thanks for this offer! I just picked up the Wowtac A2S, Olight i3T EOS and a Jetbeam SF-AA01 along with two silicone 18650 battery holders. Of course none of this was needed but I’m a patriot!

Illumn was the among the first, (if not THE first), to offer Nichias in the US to the modding community on CPF way back in the day, that was an exciting time when they got that first reel!
Anyway, thanks for the coupon and I’ll be sure to use it by tomorrow.
(I may still have one of those old emitters!)