(USA Only)LITOM Vote Your Prize Giveaway! 24 Winners in Total! Prizes Prices Vary from $15.99 to $36.99

Dear all BLF members,

LITOM just launched a new big giveaway now!

Enter here now: LITOM Giveaway

Total 24 items including LED solar spotlights, LED string lights, solar wall lights, prizes prices vary from $15.99 to $36.99

Rules are below:

  1. Vote here: https://www.ilitom.com/pages/vote-activity
  2. Share publicly can get one more chance to vote;
  3. The giveaway would end on Feb.15th
  4. Winners would be notified by email;
  5. All prize products would be shipped out for free!
  6. Only open to USA.

Hopefully, all of our members won't miss this big prize.

Good luck, everyone!


Betty from ilitom.com

Why don’t you state in the topic that it’s US only?
You make many people disappointed after reading your post…

It’s advertising.

I am sorry, we update it now.

Changed already. Sorry for bringing trouble to our BLF members.

Thank you for fixing the title, and thanks for the giveaway!

Our pleasure :smiley:

Nice, useful products you have there….joined! — they’ll be nice additions to my present outdoor scene.

Just want to comment on the nice set up you have there! Looks like you're in a tropical country.

While I have an USA address, I do live in a tropical country…thanks!

Thanks for the USA BLF members joined the giveaway! And we are sorry that we didn’t add a clear country limit to the title in the first place which causes some trouble.

We won’t let it happen again.

Thanks again for all of your attention.

Mike C and raccoon city, please go back and delete your posts relating to the argument in this thread. Thanks in advance.