USA Retailers?

Is there a list of forum sponsors or US retailers for budget lights? Ive used the oversees retailers in the past but I prefer not to wait even if the price is slightly higher. Thanks.


> Is there a list of forum sponsors or US retailers for budget lights?

no, I do not know of a list

I suggest you search for a specific flashlight you want,
and then decide where you want to order from

I will thanks. Mainly wondering if there were forums sponsors to support.

Yes, but most of them are not “US retailers”. You can see them here:

I see one long time USA retailer among those: Andrew-Amanda.
I have had excellent customer service from them.

There is also BrightLumens, that I have no experience with, located in California.

But the majority of the companies in that Commercial Forum are overseas, and the products they sell, for example from Sofirn, Wurkkos, Lumintop, are not available from the reseller Andrew-Amanda

BrightLumens is also a reseller (iow, they dont make the lights they sell), they do have Sofirn and Lumintop, but not Wurkkos.

You can also buy from Amazon, but they are just a USA marketplace, they do not make anything, and the people who sell there have to pay a comission, so the prices are higher than on the overseas websites.

Which Light do you want to buy?

There’s always


For Nitecore products, is based in Texas. For Emisar/Noctigon products and other brands as well, is in Hawaii. I’ve bought lights from as well which is in the US.

Amazon and Illumn are where I’ve gotten lights from domestically.

Amazon has Sofirn, Wurkkos, Nitecore, etc., as well as gibberish-name cheapcrap lights.

Illumn, just browse. Got some Nitecores and Nextorches from them. Good folk, and they hang out here on occasion, too.