USB C cable and charger power meter/tester

I'm looking for USB A/C cable and charger power meter/tester
I want to be able to test the cable, and the chargers, and have ripple measurement. The communication with PC over BT is a plus.
For now I found
FNB48 PD (there's a BT version)
WITRN U3 (there's a BT version)
Power Z have some to

What's best but still cheap?

I have the Witrn U3 and it’s a great meter with lots of functionality. I think there are quite some clones floating around though. At the time I bought it it was the “most advanced” one I think (that’s why I got that one).
Recently I noticed the CT-3, I think if I would buy a meter now that would be the one. I like how the display looks and the PC-software is also interesting.

I just got the Power-Z KM002C, which appears to be the only gizmo that fully supports USB PD3.1 (aka EPR, which goes up to 48V @ 5A = 240W). It seems to work well, and the numbers it reports agree with things I can measure by other means. It also has one killer feature, which is the ability to read a USB-C cable’s E-Marker. Why this isn’t more common — or just built in to every macOS and Windows computer — is beyond me, but it’s surprisingly hard to come by.

Anything RD Tech sells is pretty good.

I think the TC25 is the best USB-C meter.

for now I bought FNB48 PD BT ver as it was the cheapest. Will see how it behaves, and if I need some function that are present in the other testers.