USB cable to recharge mobile

Hi guys. I’m looking for 6 decent quality USB cable (not very expensive though). I need some in 3 feet (1 metre) max and below and some even 1 feet long will do. I prefer them to be shorter though. I need cables that can deliver proper current to charge my mobile phones.

Anywhere I can buy them? BG,GB, FT or ebay? I want links to cables that are decent to good. Not the usual garbage :smiley:

Thanks for answers!

I bought one of these from FT a year or so ago. Works better than my supplied Motorola and Nexus leads, according to my little Xtar usb meter.

I discovered that you really can’t rely on these ‘usb meters’ to test chargers and cables. The usb meter itself consumes quite considerable amount!

Thanks man! Ordered 2 of those. If it works, I’ll get more :slight_smile:

Ordered 3 of those also…Was going to order 2 at $0.99 each but buying 3 drops the price to $0.77. So I thought, why not….LOL

So I’m ‘covered’ by splitting my eggs in different baskets. 2 different models from FT and BG! Hope they work out great!

Pisen cables from BG are excellent.

“Amazon Basic” and “Anker” cables are very good and cheap.

I can’t buy from Amazon (does not ship). If Anker is from Amazon, a no-go too. Anyways, any means (tools) to test cables amps or whatever?

I am bringing up this thread because I am also looking for a longer cable (5-6ft).

Any recommendations?

As long as you use exactly the same source and the same meter the only thing you are comparing is the cable. It may not be dead accurate but it will compare one cable to another.

You may want to read over this:
Crappy Power Bank charge cables

If you are using an Android phone, you could try the Ampere app. Gives an indication of charging current. YMMV.



I just bought 4 of these $4.99 each with free shipping…

I just ordered 4 of these

Hope they are good.

Just ordered these 3 times:

Interesting design, both ends can be plugged in both ways - and you have BlitzWolf Quality, so the charging rate should be good.

Best deal for the quality:

I average in between 1.7 and 1.99 amps with these cables.

It’s really cheap, some 0,5A cables would cost 15€ in Germany!

I ordered four of the BlitzWolf 2.1A cables in color black.

If you don‘t want to cost a lot of money that you can go to Alibaba,there are a lot of good price USB Cable.