USB charge for 18650

Trying to find a charger for 2 18650’s that can be powered from the USB port in my vehicle. I have a couple things for 1 battery but can’t find anything that specifically seys that it will charge 2 at the same time. Thanks in advance.


You could consider the Miller ML202, except you’d have to find/build a converter from usb to the round power pin. couple of cautions: I don’t own this, so am not sure about long batteries or independent channels

The Nitecore I2 can be bought with a regular car cigarette lighter cord, if it doesn’t absolutely have to be usb power in.

Alternately, a battery box like this: could be usb recharged, but the pain would be popping the batteries in and out. I think that battery box is easy to open (in other words, doesn’t screw shut like some), but don’t have direct experience with it. Plus, that item was just an example — I have no experience with that seller.

Check out some of the HKJ reviews on battery boxes if you’re interested in these…

The Miller unit was exactly what I was looking for and it is on the way. Thanks again.

I believe you'll want this USB to DC 2.1mm cable as well since the ML-202 charger needs a 2.1mm power input (the USB is for output to charge other devices).