USB chargeable lights -- recommendations?

I personally find the Convoy S9 UI distasteful. I like the Sofirn SC31, especially as a safe “muggle” light.

Folomov has one

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Nitecore has some really good ones.
They are not the cheapest brand though.

I just got an Amutorch X9. It has USB C charging and so far has been OK. Very small and a very unique UI. Ramping or stepping depending on how you turn it on , either long or short click. Similar in size to a D4S.

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Sofirn SC31 review, hat tip to Lightbringer

Others already mentioned, but…

Nitefox UT20, nice enough for me to actually EDC for quite a while ’til the MH20 dethroned it.

<25bux from Amazon, so no 2mo wait to get one.

K, since some reviews are in order…

Oh, big big big plus in my book, the ~1buk deep-carry clip for the S2+ fits this light perfectly, as if made for it. Also, the anodisation is a perfect match, too, no gloss vs matte conflict or anything.

I hate clips in general, especially when the light rides high with almost a third of it sticking out of a pocket, but this DC clip lets the UT20 ride nice’n’low, almost nothing sticking out.

Go crazy…

Wuben TO46R! (Micro USB)
Besides being rechargeable, has great quality! Those from the group buy with real 90 CRI leds are even better IMO!

For dog walking pretty much every light will do. So I suggest something cheap but not too cheap.
Boruit RJ-02 on a good deal? OK, It will work but for some people that will be too cheap.
If the friend is a quality oriented I suggest Zanflare F1, looks quite like a premium product yet has a budget price.

I’ve been beating on the same ’02 since I got it, and it’s still going strong. Saw it was “cheap”, ordered a bunch as “disposables”, yet the first one is still chugging away just fine. I wouldn’t dismiss it as low quality or anything. Sure, it doesn’t have a fancy emitter and everything’s on one PCB, but it still… works.

Yeah, where we live “dog walking” and “fleeing outdoors during the earthquake” are both routine uses one has to expect.
So reliability counts. USB charging is a nice convenience.

Any thoughts on the Convoy BD0x series rechargeables?

DBSAR wrote elsewhere:

Yeah, it’s an OK light. But it has that cheap feeling to it.

I second the Nitefox UT20. A couple other options are below:
Sofirn SP32A
Zanflare F1
Rofis MR30 is awesome at 1600 lumens and can be had on Amazon for $30.
I own all these and can vouch for each one.

I’ve had a BD06 for some time and find that it’s a solid, quality light. It may not be the most impressive in output (about 1000 lumens) but with a quality 26650, it’ll run for a looooooong time. Mine had the upgraded driver and I had it set up in a few different ways. It’s a nice feature. The charging system snaps over the switch and works fine. I never measured it, but it’ll do the trick, It will take some time to fully charge a 26650 though. The switch is pretty beefy and takes a bit of force to engage. Overall it’s a nice value.

I have one each of the Convoy BD01, BD04 and BD06 lights. They’re nice lights, built to Convoy’s usual good quality, all with Biscotti firmware and all available with your choice of LED colour temperature.

The only snag is that USB charging requires a special adaptor that snaps on over the switch - if you lose the adaptor, you can’t charge the light.