USB power meter/tester thread - YZXStudio, Power-Z, RDTech and more.

not , it is web-z meter , they are different

they are all USB load , but the first one is a trash

I have the RD LD35

This is just a load: if I want to do triggering, I prefer to do it separately.

this is our LD35, it don’t have trigger function, if you need trigger function, you can check our other version HD35

I believe it has only QC trigger function. It would be great to have a load that also had PD trigger function.

for not , there is not PD trigger load

I found another YZXstudio DC-PD adapter on ebay ZC823x3 (it’s also on their Taobao store): 180W, 6 ports arranged as 3 x 60W USB C/USB A pairs, and DC or PD input.

I ordered one.

this is a charger, not a load, I just talked about the USB load

Do you plan to release a usb load with PD trigger and higher power capability?

Yes, I’d love one.

I’d also be willing to pay a pretty penny for one.

Also maybe with solder pads or terminals for connecting other than USB devices directly without a USB adapter, since that’s a lousy connection.

If you’re willing to pay pretty penny I’d recommend YZXstudio zl1100, it can trigger every charge protocol, 0-3A ramping, serial data logging and up to 60W PD (indefinitely with the correct cooling conditions).

Everything is managed via the integrated OLED screen but you can easily translate the serial data into graphs with jcharts or similar tool.

Too bad my first batch ZL1100 can’t trigger PD even with a newer firmware. Just says NG. So make sure you get a recent one.

for now , we don’t have plan on load, we are designing a big display, many button and function power supply

higher voltage is useless, big current is very important , HD35 have 5A current . 35W is enough

Yes, but higher voltage is necessary to test high power USB-C PD sources.

I mean, with a 3A cable at 20V, it goes up to 60W.

At 20V with a 5A cable, that goes up to 100W.

A 100W USB PD 3.0/QC 4.0 load would be large, but very useful for many years to come.

for PD, I will consider

It doesn’t have to support 100W constant because that would be very difficult to cool, but 60W is plenty to test most power supplies and powerbanks.

When the industry is moving towards higher voltage, 5V testing becomes irrelevant because it will be considered slow charging anyways.

how about AT35, published today.

It is similar to AT34 but you will find there are differences between this two devices. It is higher version of AT34. The important improvement is the voltage and current accuracy, now voltage and current are displayed in 5-digit, voltage resolution 0.001V, current resolution 0.0001A. you can see that at the detailed page. As old rule, new products…

And as old rule, new products publishing have lowest price only 4 days, 9.8 usd/piece, if buy more 2 pcs, 8.8 usd/piece.

product link:click here to view AT35
product video:

High volts and amps loads probably need to be big or have high revving cooling fan.