USB power meter/tester thread - YZXStudio, Power-Z, RDTech and more.

4/Feb/2018 UPDATE: This thread has been repurposed to include more brands and models into it. YZXstudio is no longer the only company to make high quality USB testing devices. New brands such as Power-Z, AVHzY and RUIDENG have come up with many interesting products

Quick links to popular power meters:

-$20 and less
-RUIDENG UM24: USB-A/Micro, QC, Bluetooth (opt), Offline logging: Banggood

-Kewesi: USB-A, QC: Banggood

-Juwei/Daniu: USB-A/C, QC, OTG: Banggood

-Eversame (Ironically same as many other generic testers but from Amazon, with prime): Amazon

-$20 and up
-YZXStudio ZY1276: USB-A/Micro/C, QC, PD, Bluetooth (Opt): Ebay, Banggood, Fasttech

-AVHzY CT-2 / Kotomi Premium: USB-A/Micro/C, QC, PD, PC Comm, Offline Log: Amazon

-Power-Z KM001: USB-A/Micro/C, QC, PD, PC Comm, Offline Log: Banggood, Ebay


Index for USB power meter and testers thread/reviews, newest first: Constantly updated

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Thanks for the review will. Interesting reading.

Oh man!
Didn’t know there were more nuts like me doing the same thing as me :smiley:
Great test, makes me want to get the new green YZXStudio meter with bluetooth.

Do you have a link?

Bluetooth (or serial) is also very handy when plotting stuff. See my review of Nitecore MH20

Get it from Franky Tong, he’s a very reputable seller in eBay, fast communication and shipping. Shop name 99centhobbies / f-t-2000

This is the newest version with built in Usb cable resistance metering

What software did you use to read out the raw data over bluetooth?

Blueterm 2 then just Excel to plot the graph.

Good review, I like the looks of the meters so I just ordered 2 with Bluetooth. Thanks for sharing!

I thought ZY1270 is the newest one.

From what I understand, compared to ZY1266, it has output coding selection and a colour LCD.

I cannot read the Chinese, but the ability to show usb coding has been present in the last couple of models.
Color and USB3 is new.

HKJ, I believe it is not only showing charger coding (which is also there) but the meter can enforce output coding - you can use a dumb charger but use ZY1270 (or ZY1230) to make it QC2.0, Apple…etc.

It is definitely possible to code it into the meter. But there would not be much idea in signalling QC2.0, only Apple 2.1A/Apple 2.4A/Samsung/DCP.
I will wait for a more readable manual.

I do also wonder if the colors are real or just colored areas on the display.


Looking at the different screens it would seem the display is a real color one


Now this is funny!

I have spoken with Franky (probably the main overseas distributor for yzx products) and he tells me the Y1270 color oled version is still in its very first FW versions, and that it’s best to wait for a couple upgrades to have bugs sorted out and get a more accurate calibration. Anyways I think one could upgrade it at home with an ST usb programmer, the new FW archives are posted on chongdiantou chinese forum.

Here’s the Y1270 with some more specs on the official store: taobao | 淘寶

I also ordered some interesting yzx products that I will review once they arrive, a YZX 7th gen 4-cell powerbank, the fan-cooled usb dummy load and the new Y1266 meter.

99centHobbies ebay store seems quite expensive , YZXstudio stuff is double the price compared to taobao and prices discussed in the chinese forum.

I’ll be totally in for a YZXstudio group buy. O:-)

You’re right but communication with him is really easy and quick, he also provides a custom translated user manual and flashes the meters to the latest FW version available before shipping. Some other sellers don’t even know which version they’re shipping…

To buy from taobao you can use mistertao agent, but the only time I used it the item took 3 months to arrive, and they don’t accept paypal.

I could ask him for a possible groupbuy but I think it’s been asked before on EEVblog forum and it didn’t went on. But even at $30 this meter is totally worth it! Here’s the official sales thread:’s-sales-thread/

I can totally vouch for Frankie and the 99centHobbies store. The YZXStudio products arrived in 12 days and he has replied to all of my email questions within a couple of minutes.