USB power meter/tester thread - YZXStudio, Power-Z, RDTech and more.

Yes, I do have the UM25C, UM34C, and recently acquired the TC66C.

Only the UM34C supports Dash Charge due to the additional pins of the USB 3 connector on that meter.

No ads in the smartphone version.

I’ve already received the RD TC66C, however when I connect it between the charger’s cable and the smartphone, it doesn’t charge:

If I connect the YZXStudio between the wall charger and the cable it charges to 1.7 amps aprox. Where could the problem be?

Does anybody know how to contact RD’s tech support? On AliExpress’s page there isn’t any email available.

RD TC66/TC66C Type-C PD trigger USB-C Voltmeter ammeter voltage 2 way current meter multimeter PD charger battery USB Tester

It seems like the data lines are not receiving any signal. It shows 0V - & + and default 1.5A DCP. The YZX meter detects the load and is forcing the charger to put out a different charging protocol and it starts to charge. There is voltage reading at the end of the cable so I guess the issue is at the phone’s side.

It could be many reasons this happens and without knowing which phone, charger and cable you’re using there’s no way to troubleshoot. Have you tried to manually trigger PD or QC 5V? In theory that should work.

Their contact info (including email) is in the Word doc.

Their email info is also included in the User Manual:

Which phone are you using? What firmware version is on your TC66? I believe v1.13 is the latest.

Thanks, finally got a way to contant him. Go to product page (desktop view of the website better):

RD TC66/TC66C Type-C PD trigger USB-C Voltmeter ammeter voltage 2 way current meter multimeter PD charger battery USB Tester

Then click on Contact

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why you use photos of UM34C when you are talking about UM24C :question:

Most UT25 has been removed from Aliexpress, we should support originals instead of copies , otherwise it will cause loss to the original creator and they may never create new products

hello,when did you buy UM25C, the latest version supports OnePlus Dash Charge

Does anyone know of a prepackaged 60W DC to USB C thing? this is just the bare board, I’d like a case with it, if possible

Googling for “DC to USB PD Converter” might help.

Here’s one

Another in stock:

Cheaper one (90W):

This one might be your best bet:

That bare board has great specs, but I find it hard to believe it would be able to handle 60W of output at lower range of input voltage for long times, say 12V which is 5A+ constant input, chargers usually get quite hot at that rate.

so sorry, we don’t have

Looks quite great, thanks! However, the size and price is a bit overkill. For such multiport usage, the MagicFox PD180 京东(JD.COM)-正品低价、品质保障、配送及时、轻松购物! is cheaper and has higher wattage.

I plan to feed it with 20V. The Lenovo 135W charger looks like great target. Reddit - Dive into anything

hope you get the better one

YZXstudio has a newer model ZC918P that does 160W. I bought one off ebay, but it’s also available aliexpress. Like other YZXstudio products, it’s good quality but quite expensive.

The Magic Fox PD180 looks very interesting. I think it is unique in offering PD input. Is it available anywhere more accessible than

If I want to test the maximum output of a charger, which adjustable load can I buy? Some recommendations?

Depends on the output of the charger you want to test :)
Here are some of the ones I use for my videos :

These are just loads, so you'll need something to trigger the protocol you need.

These are just my two cents, btw :)

I’ve found a new meter similar to YZXstudio ZY1280, is it a copy or is original?

MagicFox魔狐U2 UX电流电压USB测试表QC4 PD3.0 2.0 PPS快充协议容量检测 U2表(无蓝牙)送短CC线

I’d suggest a load with more power than your charger can use. With USB, 35W are usual:

The Magic Fox one looks like an unbadged version of WEB-U2 (more recently branded as WITRN U2)

There are very similar USB testers sold under several different brands and the relationship between them is not clear to me (e.g. YZXstudio, WITRN, WEB-, POWER-Z, AVHzY)